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    High Hopes Sale

    Thanks for the help. They did return the email that I sent on Dec 7th. And that was the number that I called. And did leave messages last month. But here recently it wouldn't even let me leave a message. Anyway, I hope that we have this resolved.
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    High Hopes Sale

    Well if anyone knows them well enough and has another number for them. Please let them know I am trying to get ahold of them. And my problem is that I haven't received any papers.
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    High Hopes Sale

    I am sorry. I guess the lack of response has me a bit concerned. And I have been to other auctions and no more than 2 weeks after the check clears, I have the papers in my hand. Hopefully it will happen. I guess it is a good thing I didn't have any intentions of showing the horse. Just not...
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    High Hopes Sale

    A lady I went with got her papers but she called the week right after the sale. I know she mentioned that there was an illness in the family but still it has been months.
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    High Hopes Sale

    Has anyone else not received their papers from the sale? I have tried to call and email several times and they haven't responded to any of them. The check cleared months ago.
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    AMHA show

    We went to the show yesterday. And I have to say I think it is very hard to understand the announcer too. I feel it isn't the announcer himself as he is doing a wonderful job. It seems like the settings aren't right. It is echoing too bad or something. Or maybe it was where I was seated. I...
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    towing trucks, need opinions

    Interesting thread. We are thinking of upgrading our truck. Right now we have a 1/2 ton with a V8 and it does okay with the limited towing we need it for. But I want to know I can haul anything as we are getting into hauling more for the big horses. But we just talked to our mechanic locally...
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    Pedigree Look Up

    | | | | | | UNKNOWN - UNREG. | | | | | POPLAR LANES SAMSON - I 00334 | | | | | |[01/01/1970 : S : SSR : - : DC : 31.000] | | | | | | UNKNOWN - UNREG. | | | | BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO - A 03047 | | | | |[05/22/1978 : S : SBS : BD : -...
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    pedigree lookup

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    Just a reminder - court date with Carl Mitz and more

    Is anyone from North Texas going? I wouldn't mind riding with someone. I just don't know that area very well.
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    Need advice to put lbs on our rescued mini

    I have to agree with the Amplify suppliment. We struggled for years with our hard keepers. Trying different feeds, different amounts, adding stuff. We did start using the Platform Senior and saw decent results but when they stopped making the Platform Senior we had to look for another feed...
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    Red River Shootout

    Yeah I was told that there is a baseball or softball thing going on that has most of the hotels blocked. I did find a room at the Best Western. But didn't know if I could get a better deal if rooms were blocked off for the miniature show.
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    Red River Shootout

    Does anyone know if they have blocked any hotel rooms for that show and which one it would be? Thanks in advance for the information
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    With fly season approaching.....

    I personally think prevention is the best solution. We use the Fly Eliminators by Arbico. They are the same as the ones from Spaulding Labs (I have used them in the past) but you don't have to pay extra for shipping and I think I get more in my package.
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    Quarantene facilities

    Oasis She is from Germany. But now has a wonderful place here in Texas. She is very professional and caring to the horses. I wouldn't hesitate to send my horses there.
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    Whimsical Farms 1st Foal of the year

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the responses.
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    Whimsical Farms 1st Foal of the year

    This is Whimsical Farms Aint Misbehavin. She was born on March 3rd at 3 am. She is absolutiely sweet and beautiful. Although I am not sure what she is gonna be as far as color. Mom is a silver bay and dad is a buckskin. But either way we are so proud of her.
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    Colic mini colt help please!

    I believe a good rule of thumb is 1cc per 100 pounds.
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    Interesting link from A candidate for President of AMHA

    John, I do have to agree with you on Gary being passionate. And driven. I also respect all he has done for the association. I am going to have to seriously consider making it to the meeting. Time to save the nickles and dimes. And try to not be tempted in using the money to buy a...
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    Interesting link from A candidate for President of AMHA

    I agree, ignorance is bliss. It is very discouraging to know some of the stuff that has gone on. I do believe that it is a conflict of interest for a sitting president to vote on something concerning his future with the association. I also know that vocal people like Gary tend to get a...