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  1. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Passing of a long time AMHA member

    I am still in shock, but wanted to let ya'll know that yesterday James O'Neal passed away. James was a friend of mine and while feeding his horses and other critters last night, he died of a massive coronary. Some may not have ever had the previlege of meeting James, but he was a nice fella with...
  2. Cedar Ridge Farm

    My Side of the

    It's a sad, sad, world we're living in when people act like this. Well said John. I love Bright and also own 2 of his foals . He is a sweet boy. Wish I knew what to say. Dang.
  3. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Congress - Financial Woes

    I appreciate the fact that this has been brought to our attention. I have always been proud to be a member of the AMHR and want to see us be a successful business. I have already told my director and others in Area V that I am willing to donate my time to help with 2010 Congress. More and more...
  4. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Congress - Financial Woes

    I agree. I won't even get into trying to defend my ponies against these that have never handled them. Let's talk Pony to the pony people!
  5. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Calling all BIG BROTHER watchers!!!!

    LOL...Jeff used the power of Coup D'tat to remove both Lydia and Russell from nominations. Then he put Jesse and Natalie up and Jesse was voted out!!! Shima threw a hissy fit. Her, Lydia and Natalie cried and acted like Jesse was dead instead of evicted. Then Shima would not put her microphone...
  6. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Oops... missed one...

    Congrats Tony. How about "Oops there she is"????
  7. Cedar Ridge Farm

    What are Liberty Classes?

    I'm not sure how you would tie a "nag" to your whip LOL but I think you mean bag and yes it is allowed. I have shown in Liberty for many years and it is one of my favorites. I love to watch the horse do it's own thing and have fun. Everyone has given you good info, but I just wanted to add a...
  8. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Advice needed for mini mare with broken leg

    Joanne, TO answer your question...yes, I have had a mini mare with a fractured hock. In January, I went out to feed one morning and my mare would not come in to eat. It took everything I had to get her in a stall. She would put no weight on her right hind leg but other than that, nothing was...
  9. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Fractured hock in Mini

    KayKay, That is one thing that we did discuss. Both doctors said that if we can heal the hock well enough that there would be a good chance that arthritis could set in later and she would need supplements. I know that showing her is out even in obstacle which is our favorite..... Thanks for...
  10. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Fractured hock in Mini

    :(Hi Everyone...I am finally back from the stone age and back on-line !!! Whoohoo!!! I was wondering if anyone out there has ever had or heard of what I am going through.In Jan. I found my show mare in the pasture with her right rear leg up.We have no idea what happen, we can only speculate. I...
  11. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Friends horse diagnosed with Anhydrosis...

    Just wondering if anyone on here has had a horse diagnosed with this disease. We know what it is, but we are wondering if anyone has tried anything to cure them of this and if it has worked. (For those that don't means the horse does not sweat.) Thanks, Peggy
  12. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Who makes the BEST vacuum cleaner

    I love my Bissell Pet Vac!!! Best one I've ever owned. I have an aussie and boy does she shed, plus I have dark blue carpet. The hair really shows. My new vac picks it all up and no bags!
  13. Cedar Ridge Farm


    Howdy from Texas!! Nice to meet you, Darcy!
  14. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Flies, Flies and more Flies

    I have not had any problems this year with flies. I started sprinkling Apple Cider Vinegar on everyone's food twice daily and it seems to do the trick. I can't tell you why it works for me, but I have a friend that is ranch manager at a large goat ranch and I saw her using it and asked about...
  15. Cedar Ridge Farm

    What is YOUR standard of perfection

    [email protected] The Simple Life Farm I agree with Erica on this. Angelina Bobofina is a nice little mare. I would show her in both classes. You never know what the day is going to be like for you, Angie or the judge.
  16. Cedar Ridge Farm

    Opinion wanted on mare

    I agree with the others...they look in foal to me.
  17. Cedar Ridge Farm

    My mare has hyperlipemia

    ((HUGS)) so sorry. Hope and pray that your little one does okay.
  18. Cedar Ridge Farm


    Don't know how others do it, but this is what works for me..... A bucket of water, a rag, good disposable razors (name brand not cheapos), shaving gel. I sit in a chair with everything close at hand. I try to keep from holding the horse too tight by the lead and generally have the lead under my...