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  1. lilmiraclesfarm

    Yay! Finally setup my Photography Website

    I've always been passionate with photography. Horses being my main speciality. Took a lot of photos of my own horses, and slowly branched out to the 1 mini show nearby me. Last year I started attending clinics under a equine photographer, and its just been moving forward from there. I have over...
  2. lilmiraclesfarm

    Swimming with the Minis

    Its been a while since i've posted here on Lilbeginnings. Been a busy summer. I couldnt help but share this adventure I had with my horses.
  3. lilmiraclesfarm

    A few pics of the horses enjoying the beautiful weather

    It has been so beautiful the past couple of days. I gave the horses a treat and them graze the yard. Didn't really get to many pictures of them as they didn't do much and didn't stop moving from one side of the yard to the other. Monkey See - Vixon Monkey Do - Vixon's 08' filly Beautiful...
  4. lilmiraclesfarm

    Facebook, Bette Bourbon

    I thought it would be great to try and get as many followers as I can for Bette Bourbon. Who is Bette? Well Bette is a very well loved rubber chicken purse. Bette doesn't go anywhere without people approching her, talking to her, and yes petting her!! Children gauck, adults talk to her. She is a...
  5. lilmiraclesfarm

    We Have Light! and Water!

    Oh I can't express how excited I am about the last of the work done to the barn. Originally I didn't think any of it would be finished until the spring, but after trying to find solar decorations online I got frustrated and asked if we could get the electricity in sooner. With my surprise we did...
  6. lilmiraclesfarm

    Halloween Hearse

    Every year we get involved with a charity haunted house. This year we didn't play in it but our nice mini wagon did. I thought the LB community would love to see the pictures of the "hearse" all done up. I can't take any of the credit though. Just supplied the wagon.
  7. lilmiraclesfarm

    Modern Dog Magazine

    Every week, the dog with the most votes will be featured as Dog of the Week on the homepage AND will have a chance to appear in an upcoming issue of Modern Dog magazine! Please help me out and cast your vote for my boy. Corona - Modern Dog
  8. lilmiraclesfarm

    NEMHS Last Chance Show and Weanling Futurity

    NEMHS Last Chance Show and Weanling Futurity This show was right in my neck of the woods so I was more than happy to be able to spectate. More pictures can be viewed through my gallery. >>> Gallery Pages Hope you enjoy them as I do taking them!
  9. lilmiraclesfarm

    Cold Case File Solved!

    It was brought to my attention by my Step father that the peaches off the peach trees have been going missing. Our initial thought was the bugs and the birds were eating them. I thought it was time to get to the bottom of this, so I sat with my camera, hiding within the trees. I cought the...
  10. lilmiraclesfarm

    The New Barn - Update 07/24/09

    UPDATE!! STALLS ARE DONE!! As of today, Friday the 24th the stalls have been built and the doors are fully functional. We still have a few things to do here and there. We want to add windows for the horses and I still need to raise the stall flooring and put the mats in. I am just so in love...
  11. lilmiraclesfarm

    Feeder Suggestions needed

    I'm in the process of building my mini barn right now. I'm looking to buy all matching accessories for each stall. My question for all of you that have stalled minis what do you prefer for feeding in. Buckets? Ground buckets? Corner feeders? Then what do you do with the hay? Throw it on the...
  12. lilmiraclesfarm

    Would You? Optional pasture area

    The property I keep my horses runs right along side water company property. They actually went through our property. Now the coyotes run that pipe line. Normally they do most of their running right before dark or sometimes into the night. Its about 2 acres of just unused field. Right now I keep...
  13. lilmiraclesfarm

    Memorial Day Parade

    I voluntered to bring the horses with a friends float in the Memorial Day parade. The float was Cans for kids. They are trying to raise money for all the local sports teams in the town. You'll see all the kids dressed in their baseball uniforms. The minis were the referee's. They have ref...
  14. lilmiraclesfarm

    Dog Costumes fit minis?

    For memorial day I am walking my 2 yearlings in the local parade. The theme is Cans for Oxford Kids. They are raiseing money for kids sports in the town. I have no sewing skills what so ever, lol so I need outfits that are pretty much easy to do. I have a couple ideas in mind but I just don't...
  15. lilmiraclesfarm

    After 9 Months I can unwrap my Birthday Present!

    My mare who I have a very special bond with, gracefully gave me my first filly, on my birthday and I'm finally getting to unwrap my birthday present after 9 months!! Its been a long and grueling winter watching this girl grow but now I finally get to see what was underneith all of that HAIR...
  16. lilmiraclesfarm

    When the snow falls, the children come out to play

    This lovely snow storms always seems to bring the best out in my horses. Boy does it make them frisky! These two pictures are from an older storm this year, but I couldn't resist showing them to everyone. Pippi in front, shyan in the back - Pippi looks as if she is saying nan nana boo boo to...
  17. lilmiraclesfarm

    Feather Gets a Christmas tree!

    We took feather today to get a Christmas tree. He had such a blast and was such a well behaved boy. He didn't freak at all with the ride in the van, nor was he frighten by the people and dogs. Everyone loved him, even one of the son's of the family owned farm said thank you to us for bringing...
  18. lilmiraclesfarm

    Finally Caught In The Act

    I am so excited to finally be able to catch this girl in action. She is so full of herself. Always running around, prancing and squealing. But I've never been able to have the camera on me to get some action shots of her. I just love her and her attitude!
  19. lilmiraclesfarm

    I need ideas for a young girl looking to volunteer

    I was left a note about a young girl about 12-13 who wants to go to an agricultural school. She wants to come and help me and get some more experience working with animals and a reference letter for the school. This is something I've never done before so before I go ahead and call her parents...
  20. lilmiraclesfarm

    Is she black? or Dark bay

    Watching her grow I just can't tell if she is black or a very deep dark bay. She appears black, the fur between her legs is coming in black, all around her face is dark, but her ears and around her eyes has this light bay color. So could she infact be a bay? Sire and Dam are bays. But dam has...