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  1. Donna

    Farm facebook pages

    We have a page on FB Vanity Grove Farm I use my Face Book page to post my Show Results, sale horses, new foals , new horses and my dogs for sale. I have had several sales that were directly from my Face Book Page.
  2. Donna

    David Powell Benefit Auction online

    Karen, you said it all in a nut shell. I have known the Powells for sometime. One of the very first people we met at our first horse show. In fact, I met Cheryl because someones horse was colicy and I bumped in to her as she was delivering Banamine to help with the pain. I did not know she...
  3. Donna

    Item found at Nationals

    we didnt exactly loose it but we left behind in the wash rack One white hose with blue stripes with a red shower head attached, one very nice blue brush, One scraper and One bottle of shampoo almost empty
  4. Donna


    Buster and I have stabled at Nationals semi across from Erica and her family for I think 7 years. We have watched this young lady grow and mature into quite a beautiful woman with allot of soul. She has the kind of spirit that glows. She is always sporting the most contagious smile. She and...
  5. Donna

    ECMHC Photographer

    If you know of the photographers site or link please post, Thanks
  6. Donna

    2009 AMHA World Show - Amateur Division

    I watched as Samantha showed and she did very well. Congratulations on all your wins. I did hear the same names mentioned over and over as sponsors , how wonderful to have such dedicated people to the organization.
  7. Donna

    big brag for me

    Congratulations Bev, Your horses are very nice and Nina does such a fine job with showing them! We are hoping that the next show will be AMHR sanctioned. Would be good for Virginia State Fair, allot of horses would be there as the new Fair Grounds are located right on Interstate 95. They...
  8. Donna

    OMG OMG OMG -!!!

    A Huge Congratulations! He looked incredible! A Title that was well deserved!
  9. Donna

    Please keep Dream in your thoughts

    I will keep your dear "Dream" in my thoughts and prayers. I to have had such an ordeal with a couple of my horses. I would make sure the vets have your horse on Ulcergaurd. There is also a drug "Ventipulman" that is really good at opening up the air pockets in the lungs to help with moving...
  10. Donna

    Oh my Golly, Nationals!

    I missed seeing you to Rita, You will just have to plan a trip out here to visit. We would love to have you! Hope we do see you next year! Our love, Donna and Buster
  11. Donna

    Oh my Golly, Nationals!

    This is a mess indeed. I went onto the site to print out my show winnings for my records, that is when I discovered that two of my horses had been moved up in position. I called to verify my new placings and was told that several people had been disqualified for some...
  12. Donna

    Oh my Golly, Nationals!

    I spoke with the show management this morning and they assured me that they would get me my ribbon and trophy. I have also called the photographer to have the sign changed in the photo to now read "National Champion" Woooohoooooo
  13. Donna

    Oh my Golly, Nationals!

    I am sooooo excited about this years Nationals and our placings........We have worked sooooo hard and feel so Blessed to have had such a wonderful ending to our show year! I am also excited that just this morning I found out that our gelding Vanity Groves Split Decision, bred right here on my...
  14. Donna

    Mt. Airy Sale

    I went to the sale and this was the first time I had returned for a couple of years. Janet and Ronnie run a very nice Auction. The facilities were clean. I liked the area where the sale takes place. We arrived to find all stalls with buckets of fresh water furnished, clean shavings and very...
  15. Donna

    Need a helping hand

    I have purchased a couple of puppies from a lady in Reynolds, Ga. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me to check her out and make sure she is lagit before I pay her the remaining money in full. I just get scared that this may be a scam. So if you are near and would be willing...
  16. Donna

    Mares have bellys shaved?

    I have always shaved my mares bellies until last year when I had a foal get impacted from the hair the mare was shedding on top. So, this year all the mares were totally body clipped. I waited till they were close to their foaling date before clipping the backs and necks, but all are totally...
  17. Donna


    The young lady that started this site is really sweet and so talented. If you are single and looking and havent had much luck, maybe you should take a peek. It is fairly new, only has around 800 people posting right now, but I scanned it over and if I were single and looking, there were a few...
  18. Donna


    I am on it and have found high school buddies and reunited with people I have not seen or talked to in 30 years. Great Site!;ref=profile
  19. Donna

    Placings from AMHR National Show

    I heard that there were some issues regarding the placings of many classes from Nationals and that horses would be moving up in their placings. Has anyone heard from AMHR, is this true?
  20. Donna

    Gelding by the signs --- Almanac dates??

    I use the Old Farmers Almanac and I will contest to it. I have never had any problems with weaning or surgery going by the signs.