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  1. afoulk


    Congratulations Rita
  2. afoulk

    Proud to announce

    Congratulations Donna and Cruisn' He is a sight to see driving in the ring.
  3. afoulk

    1st foal of 2012

    Foulk's Fantasy Farm and Training Center announces the arrive of their first foal of the 2012 foaling season. FFF Entertainer's Exotic Prince Silver Bay Pinto Jan 5 2012 Colt Sire: Graham's Classic Entertainer (Superior Sire) Dam Sonara's Little Exotica (HOF)
  4. afoulk

    Growing LONG tails...Biotin suppliment suggestions?

    I have always used equal parts of scope and babyoil on my manes and tails and get good growth over the winter months. Keeps horses from rubbing the dock of the tail. Scope is the aneseptic and baby oil the conditioner. Arlene
  5. afoulk

    smokers I am calling you

    I tried Chantrix in 2007 and was not successful on it. I truly believe that you really have to want to quit for anything to work. I have not smoked since Jan 1 2011 so I am coming close to a year of not smoking and have no urges to return. I got very sick after not smoking and I know that it...
  6. afoulk

    New horses for me too!!!!

    Congratulations Rita Gettia is great to work with and I am sure these beauties will cross well with Rad.
  7. afoulk

    Hyperactive Thyroid

    Yes it does play havoc with your heart. At my worst my heart rate was almost 200 and I was in afib. I am still being treated for heart issues and also some lung heart issues. Drs really feel this was all thyroid related. My primary care doctor did have the numbers right in that I was hyper...
  8. afoulk

    Hyperactive Thyroid

    Amy I had not been feeling well for quite some time and finally went to my Primary Care Physician in March of 2011 and was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid. He scheduled me with an appointment with and endo doctor who could not see me for a month. Too make a long story short the following week...
  9. afoulk

    For those who show...

    Good Morning Being from Ohio you will have a large range of shows that you could attend for AMHR within a reasonable driving distance.I would have to say that most of the shows that I have attended in this area are very friendly and helpful and reasonably priced. Most are multiple judged shows...
  10. afoulk

    A Disturbing Trend

    Yes, it is the judges responsibility however this is pretty gray and really could you see a judge DQing all the Modern ponies that show this evidence. May someone ought to take some pictures for the judges clinic to show them what a gingered tail appearance would look like. Define higher tail...
  11. afoulk

    A Disturbing Trend

    I neither have seen any indication of this at the shows that I have been to but I could have missed it. I would hate to have someone accuse me of using or gingering my horses because of them carrying their tail away from their body and I do have one mare that does it not just when she is...
  12. afoulk

    Tease Looking Close? Maybe? Hopefully?

    Wow I believe you are being a little harsh on the OSU Veterinary Hosp especially since none of us have actually spoken with them or Dr Meuse and I believe that he would have made the referral to take Annie up to OSU as he does have a facility in which she could have gone to.OSU has saved many...
  13. afoulk

    Prayers for our dear friends at Rosemill

    Our sincere condolences go out out to this family. Arlene
  14. afoulk

    Banamine after foaling

    I too regularly give my mares banamine immediately after foaling. Arlene
  15. afoulk

    2010 AMHR Horse of the Year and Breeder of the Year

    Congratulations to all of you Arlene
  16. afoulk

    Congratulations to Buckeye Walnut Creek Farm

    Congratulations to Les and Gettia on their well deserved AMHR Breeder of the Year Award. Arlene
  17. afoulk

    New Journal

    I just called the office from Ohio and got through just fine. Maybe something is just getting crossed in the lines from your location.
  18. afoulk

    New Journal

    Try 309 263-4044 I think you may have transposed a couple of numbers if you actually dialed what you posted.
  19. afoulk

    Double K question

    I change out the lever in the Double K quite frequently when I am clipping alot of horses. It is not hard and I have never had a problem with doing it. Remove the top place two screws and remove the lever. Replace with new lever and add a dab of grease to the top and replace the top and your...
  20. afoulk

    photo edit

    Thank you so much. This is what I needed. Arlene