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    It's Amazing What A Year Can Do

    It is amazing the difference a year of growing and good feed can make. I won Fly last year in a program put on by our club, the Western Canadian Miniature Horse Club, called the Youth Incentive Program. I brought him home in August last year and by this spring you never would have known it was...
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    New AMHA showmanship patterns/rules help

    Ok, so these new AMHA showmanship patterns have me confused. It's not actually the new patterns that confuse me but rather what you are supposed to do before and after the pattern. With the original three patterns you entered the ring counter clockwise and lined up side by side at the direction...
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    Funny Picture

    Someone managed to snap this picture of Drifter and I this summer at a show when I wasn't looking. It was a long day, starting to rain, and we had to wait outside the barn/ring because there were too many spectators inside. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. You can tell how Drifter and...
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    Horse sucking on tails...

    I couldn't figure out why Bear was missing a spot of fur and a chunk of his tail. It is up at the base of his tail so at first I thought it could be worms, even though I hadn't seen him rubbing his tail, so I wormed everybody. Then I thought maybe he had lice that I couldn't see and was going to...
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    How to teach a horse to move away from the whip?

    My newest addition is proving to be a bit of a challenge. He is generally a sweet little guy but he responds to training techniques quite different from how my other horses have. I am trying to teach him to move away from the whip. He won't even be two until the spring so I'm not looking to...
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    AMHA Honor Roll Brag and Question

    My horses and I have been on the honor roll list before, but we have never had the required six points for youth or ten points for open to actually make it on the final official honor roll. This year was my last year showing as a youth and I finally made it on the 'real' list for youth...
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    Need a picture for an assignment

    I have a photo request for you all. I need a picture of a small child with a mini. A bit of background information first. I wrote an essay and now need an image to go with it. The essay topic was, "What is one of the biggest things that has ever happened to you and how did it change your life?"...
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    Helpful article on feed types

    I recently came across this article and thought it was worth sharing. I know there are many new horse owners on the forum that would enjoy the information. I would have loved to have found something like this when I was new to horses. It is an interesting read and most of us could probably learn...
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    Sport Pony Class?

    I'm helping my friend decide what classes to enter her section A Welsh in at an all breed pony show. (Well they call it all breed yet they won't let minis in ) She has never shown before and we are not familiar with a few of the terms used so I thought I might try asking in here. There are all...
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    My Little Bear

    This summer my horse Lorick Llea Little Bear had the amazing experience of winning Grand Champion Senior Gelding under one of the judges. This was our first ever Grand Champion and I was so proud. I'll admit I bawled like a baby I was so happy. It was even more special because it was the first...
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    AMHA ROM question

    Register of Merit The purpose of the Register of Merit is to establish a record of performance. 1. Horses are awarded a Register of Merit when they have won at least twenty (20) points in any one event.2. For list of classes eligible for ROM see PA-030-A,B, C. 3. When the title of “AMHA...
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    Obstacle driving pictures

    I'm making a power point on driving for my university tech. class and need pictures of obstacle driving class. I'd like a picture driving over a bridge, tarp etc and one of backing and anything other obstacles. Photos would be credited. Thanks in advance.
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    What should I include

    After changing my mind a zillion times i've decided to do a power point project for my university tech class on driving. One girl in my class is doing hers on jumping and another on reining so I thought it would be fun to have english, western and driving all represented. My main issue however...
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    AMHA coat colours

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of all coat colours recognized by AMHA? I'm doing a power point on minis for my university college technology course.
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    What should we do?

    At one of our shows this summer incorrect paper work was sent in to the AMHA. All of our paperwork was right..we entered the correct classes etc. But it seems who ever was doing the paper work after the show to send to AMHA just wrote my brother's name for most of our placings. So it means that...
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    a nice story..and an amha look up please

    Hello. First off a bit of background info... A good friend of mine who has almost 30 years of big horse experience got two oversize unregistered minis a few years ago for her daughter and for driving and got hooked. She is slowly replacing her big horse herd with smaller driving ponies and minis...
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    Professional show pics of all my boys

    Well Christmas has certainly come early. I finally have show pictures of all my horses. I've never bought any show pictures but the photographer at the Olds show this year got some that were too good pass up. All photo credit belongs to Rick Kroll Photography. First up is Lorick Llea Copper...
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    My Little Bear is on AMHA honour roll!!!!!!!

    Well I never thought this would ever happen to one of my horses..I was browsing through the honour roll looking at everyone elses placings when I saw this..First I thought I was dreaming, then I thought it must be a typo, then I checked his points to see if they were right. Then I ran upstairs...
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    ok we have dumb horse nationals how about Annoying Horse Nationals

    Do you have a horse/horses that always does things just to make your life harder or to annoy the heck out of you..and you know it's on purpose? Ok my entry is Drifter. I think his crowning achievement so far was this year at our second show together. Well he thought it would be quite funny to...
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    Ok so my horses have started to chew and eat their shelter and fence and anything wood in sight. They have always nibbled at it but now they are eating chunks :DOH! . so I'm really thinking they need some minerals. Right now they get a 12% complete feed, grass hay, a little bit of corn oil and...