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    Mini Mules anyone?

    Has anyone had a mini mule? I have yet to have seen one until one of our mini mares, Sassy, had one ten days ago. She had a little tiny girl. I will post pictures later. thanks!
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    Been A while..........

    Howdy guys! It's been a while since I've been on. I gave away my only mini this Christmas to a wonderful family with 3 daughters! I still work for a place that has minis and love it out there, we just had a foal Saturday night. I got my license in Decmber and got in a wreck on MLK day :/
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    Dragon Eggs

    Post your eggs here!
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    Prayers Please.

    On this past Friday night, one of our donkeys was attacking a new foal he was penned with. Little Mario, age 9 or 10, was sent in to get the baby and the donkey attacked him. They took him to the ER with a severly cut up arm (from the donkey biting him), wounds from the donkey biting him in his...
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    Anybody been to Warped Tour?

    I am going to warped tour here in Houston on July 3rd so i was wondering if anyone here has been to it before and could offer some tips?
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    Those of you who are trying to loose weight....

    What is your exercise/meal plan? I would like to loose at lease 30-40 lbs, before next Volleyball season (August 09). Any tips/suggestions? I currently stand at Five feet, seven and a half inches. and weigh around 170-180, aged 15
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    Prayers desperately needed....

    Soem of you probablly dont know me, as I am a teen lurker. My dad is REALLY sick He has a strangulated hernia and so he went to the doc and was referred to a surgeon. "Met with surgeon. She says hernia needs to be repaired but thats not whats causing issues. Now getting cat scan of appendix...
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    Does anyone still do Dragon Cave?

    You know, where you hatch the dragon eggs? I just got back on and there are some new changes!!!!! i got 3 new eggs, 2 Cave bred and one of my own breeding.
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    I need some help....

    Does anyone know where this quote is from? Its by Dr. Seuss. Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”
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    My Photography

    Well, I posted on the "Job" thread about being a Amateur Natural Light Photographer and decided I should probablly post some examples So here is the link to my FlickR: My FlickR comment or tell me your favorite!! Thanks!!!
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    I work at a barn called Halter. We are a non-profit orginization that uses larger minis for young children and special needs children to ride. The week before thanksgiving, our stock trailer was stolen. And the day before thanksgiving the same person attempted to steal two horses, including my...
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    Can I see pictures of your......

    I have an up & coming art project that my teacher said to start getting references for. The assignment is something you love so i decided to do pintos, big and small. I've been working on drawing horses more and more, so please post your pictures! thanks ahead of time!!!!
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    How do you get "THE" shot?

    With any supplies, or whatever you can think of... How do you get "IT" with the horses?
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    Oh, wow!

    I am on a Varsity Volleyball team at a Private School. We had our last district game Monday, we were undefeated. Note, I am a Freshamn and this is my first year playing. Well, we played and WON!!!! We are undefeated DISTRICT champions. Now we have Bi-Districts next week and if we do good, we...
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    Too young?

    OK so this has been on my mind for a while. I am 14, 15 in october. I have had the same boyfriend since April 1st of this year but all the adults I know say 'Oh, you're too young' etc. We both make good grades, and are good kids. We even play SPORTS and keep up with our grades but alomst no one...
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    Prayers for Sunday please.....

    We recently went to Florida on vacation. I burned a bit and about 13 new moles/freckles poped up. My Mom and I are worried becuase some are oddly colored/shaped. She had skin cancer at 19 (I'm almost 15) so my risk is pretty high. We go in to the dermatologist Sunday so please, please please...
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    Oh. My Goodness!!!

    OK so I posted a while back asking people to vote for my poem in this contest. So, I got some mail today saying.... MY POEM IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh! I was freaking out because I'm going into my freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL and I'm...
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    Is this any good?

    Hey guys, I decided to give everyone just a taste of Her Destiny. Here is Chapter 1 :D Enjoy Her Destiny By Alyx McLuskie Chapter 1 Becca walked into the stables with her backpack and guitar case in hand. She deeply inhaled the barn’s horsey aroma. Ryan flipped through the auctions ads...
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    Anyone know anything about the...

    We recently found out we might have to be moving to Dallas. I've only been throught it on the way to Fort Worth for a competition. Anybody have any knowledge of the area?
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    Oh my goodness!!!!

    OK, so I recently submitted a poem in a contest. I got an email today that I AM A FINALIST!!! I need at least 20 votes, so PLEASE vote HERE Thanks! Tonight By Alyx McLuskie My hand itches to write My brain itches to think My heart burns to love My feet long to run My body urging to move...