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    Cross roads

    Hey all, I'm not sure if many of you will remember who I am. I've been out of the miniature horse world for a few years, but my past experience is telling me I can get some of the best advice here on the board. That being said, I would love some advice regarding the cross roads I'm at in my...
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    Dangerous objects found in premium name-brand horse feed

    A few summers ago I went out to feed my horses their nightly grain and noticed the metal garbage can we kept it in was covered in white powder. It was strange, but I just brushed it off the lid, scooped out the grain, and went about my business. The next morning, I went out to feed and when I...
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    Is there a listing for UK type shetland breeders in NA

    No problem, I'm going out to the farm today to help out at an event. I'll bring my camera and get some pictures of him for you! Dan.
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    Is there a listing for UK type shetland breeders in NA

    They do have a website, Google "Personal Ponies," and you will find the link. We have a UK Shetland who came from their program at the rescue farm I volunteer at, he's a neat little guy, not show qaulity, but very cool to have around. He's trick trained and does a performance during farm visits...
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    Silver Maples Zahara Supreme (Zarie)

    Wow, MindyLee, she is beautiful! I remember when she was born, I can't believe the gorgeous little mare she's turning into. You have a great program, I think, and really do have some beautiful horses. I always enjoy your posts! Dan.
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    Andis Vs Wahl clippers?

    I also have the Wahl KM2 clipper and love them! They hold up, are quite, stay cool, and feel great in the hand. I love having the option of two speeds. I just snap my 10 wide blade on, and go to town all over the body, and switch it out for my 10 regular, for more delicate areas like the head...
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    Helicopters seeds, toxic?

    Does anyone know if Maple tree helicopter seeds are toxic to horses? They are falling everywhere at my place, and seeing as I live in a fairly wooded area, they are all over the paddock. My horses are of course eating them, even though there is perfectly good hay out for them! If someone could...
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    What do you love to do most with your minis?

    Wow, you all sound like you have a great time with your minis and ponies! Thanks so much everyone for sharing your stories and photos, I'm sure we can all relate in the way we feel about these special horses. One of the things I love most about minis is that no matter who you are, where you...
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    What do you love to do most with your minis?

    I think it would be interesting to see what everyone's favorite things are to do with their minis and Shetlands. Maybe we can all get some new and fun ideas and activities to do with our equine friends. . One of my favorite things to do with my horses is driving. Ever since this past summer...
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    Mud, mud, mud, mud and more MUD.

    Not sure if you have shavings down in your shelter, if not put in a semi-thick layer. If the horses go inside and stand on it, the shavings will help to draw some of the moisture out of the mud pack, so the feet won't be so wet all the time. At least, that has been my finding. I've never once...
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    Tack Store

    Hi, Atotton. I really like ordering from Ozark here in the states. They are polite, and while the prices are higher than most stores, I find their qaulity and range of products certainly make it worth while. I am always happy with my orders when I go through Ozark! Cannot recommend the, enough...
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    Blister beetles?

    I agree, Marsha. Never something I, any other horse owner, or horse for that matter, should ever go through! Apparently as few as 5 can be lethal to a standard size horse, I'm sure it only takes 2 or 3 to kill a mini. Dan.
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    Blister beetles?

    Thank you, Holly. I figured there was not much to worry about, but with something as easily fatal as Blister Beetles, I certainly didn't want to take any chances. Dan.
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    Blister beetles?

    About an hour ago I went out to the barn to toss some hay to my horses. While I was doing so I was pulling some flakes off of a bale and noticed a dead, black beetle sitting on top of the flake. I tired to pick it up so I could Google what Blister Beetles look like and compare, but I dropped it...
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    I wish it were warmer out....!

    Last night it got down to -6.5 Fahrenheit, it was so cold the snow was squeeking whenever it was stepped on. Of course the horses could care less how cold it was. They were out walking the fenceline waiting for dinner, as for myself, I couldn't feel my face or fingers lol. We shut the water off...
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    Fun managable # of mini's

    I too agree with what others have said, that it really all depends on finances, age, time, space, etc. In my opinion, if you have so many horses that you cannot go out everyday, walk among them, put your hands on them, get down on their level and check them over, and to know each one...
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    Feeling discouraged.

    Thank you all so much for your support and guidance, everyone. It is greatly appreciated. I am out here doing this "horse thing" all by myself, so it's easy to get overwhelmed when things don't go well. I am so happy that I have this forum to turn to in times like these. Anyhow, back to...
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    Feeling discouraged.

    Hello everyone, I'm having some troubles with my driving mare, and I would like to vent my frustrations, and maybe get some advice. Since mid-July I was paying a local woman who is an experienced driver (being as she is also a mini owner was a big plus to me) to help me get my 9 year old mare...
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    Senior pictures, Ideas?!

    Thank you so much for the complimants, Fosterwoods, Disney Horse, and Twister. It means a lot! I remember that day it was so hard to get good photos, both horses had been dodging for grass like they had never eaten before, lol! Dan.
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    Senior pictures, Ideas?!

    Hi Foster Woods. I was adamant about having my horses in mine, these are the pictures that I ended up ordering. This is my mare and I. I wish her head wasn't blurry, but it's the best we could do. The two of us again. My gelding and I. The two of us from the front. And finally, the...