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  1. K

    Back home from Tulsa

    Well, we finally made it home, we took our time and stayed in St. Louis overnight last night and came on home today. The horses all did fine on the trip back (had extra room as we came home with 4 less then we went out with!) We had a great time at Nationals, except for a couple of issues...
  2. K

    Our last foal for 2008

    Went out to feed this evening and checked on our last mare to foal, we've been waiting, and waiting, and wwaaiittttinngg for this baby. We purchased the mare from the Double Diamond sale in April, she was pasture bred and the dates were a little sketchy. She came from Jay Chupps farm and her...
  3. K

    We're here at Congress

    My first shetland congress! We're here at Cloverdale and classes have started this morning, futurity. We've been going to Nationals for years, but have never made the trip to Congress, we brought our one and only pony, a gelding, and he doesn't show until the end of the week. So far this...
  4. K

    Contact information for Amber Montgomery

    I am trying to get in touch with Amber Montgomery. I have her phone number from the AMHR website but can't get an answer or machine. Would like to speak with her or e-mail in the next few days regarding something to do with Congress. Anybody have up to date info please pm me. Thanks, Kay
  5. K


    Just wanted to Thank everyone that helped out with the IMHOA Club show this weekend at Gordyville!! We had a really good time, enjoyed seeing everyone again.....and enjoyed going to the Gordyville facility!! Sandy Grabow and her crew did an excellent job as usual!! On the way home Sarah and I...
  6. K

    loose stool

    I'm kind of at wits weanling colt was foaled Jan. 26th, we weaned him at 3 months after he had had loose stools for about a month (off and on) he was treated with probias twice daily and we were able to keep him from having the explosive type problem. I had read on LB that someone had...
  7. K


    Just wanted to Thank everyone of the Derby City Spring Fling show, the Hardesty's, Grabows, Jody French and I'm sure I've missed a bunch others-you guys put on a real nice show!! Not sure of the total horses, heard around 200 or so. Nice sized classes with some quality animals!! The judges...
  8. K

    Hoosier Spring Fling Show

    Just want to thank Lori (show manager) at the Hoosier Spring Fling Show!! We had a great time. Her show staff was very helpful and some of them even jumped in a held horses for us when things got kind of hectic. (One lady took a filly back to her stall for me and even put her blanket and...
  9. K

    Please welcome our new addition.....

    Hi everyone, We would like to introduce our new colt. His dam is Rosemill's Dancing Rumor and his sire is Shiloh's Alfs Legacy. When I checked Rumor last night around 1 a.m. I noticed that her hindend looked more relaxed, but her bag was not quite as full as I thought it should be. I thought...
  10. K

    color question from earlier today (Rosemill)

    Hi everyone, here are some photos of the filly that we were asking about. Can't figure out her color. Thanks for any input. Kay and Sarah[/urlimg]
  11. K

    Look what we found................filly, filly, filly!!

    So.........we've been watching our little mare for about 2 weeks, running back and forth to the barn, having family members keep an eye on her. Had this weekend off and it was beautiful here, spent all day Saturday outside, cleaning up after winter, getting the horses all out...
  12. K

    Broodmares in the Snow!

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to show you what we woke up to this week. Overnight about 8 inches of snow fell and then the next night another 5 or so. I'm soooo looking forward to spring. Here are a few photos we took the day after, we've got a couple of broodmares getting close and wanted to...
  13. K

    Barn Fire (all horses got out)

    Sunday evening a family that lives near us lost their barn to fire. All of their miniatures got out safely but haven't had any shelter until we brought them to our place last night. We've had some pretty extreme weather here.....flooding, snow, high winds etc. and they were out in it. I spoke...
  14. K

    Our colt at a week old

    Some of you saw our colts photos when he was just a couple of hours old and I wanted to share his pictures at a week old. ( I know this should probably be posted with the foals announcments but I looked at it and couldn't figure out where to go.) Anyways, here he is at a week and boy what a week...
  15. K

    Pictures of our 2008 colt

    Here are some pictures of our new colt, got some help!! He still needs to "unfold".........and isn't it great how mother nature takes care of them? He has a TON of curly hair. Thanks, Kay, Sarah and Brad
  16. K

    Our first 2008 foal

    Tried to get pictures, sorry no luck
  17. K

    Our first 2008 foal

    Our first foal was born tonight and we wanted to pass on the news. We also thought we would share how the mare acted prior to foaling. We all have questions about foaling and I think any first hand information is very helpful.........this morning when I went to feed was the first time she had...
  18. K

    Lots of SNOW!!

    Winter is definately here in Northern Indiana!! We woke up this morning to about 10 inches of snow, 25 degrees and wind!! I'm not complaining.....compared to those folks in Oklahoma this is not a problem. All our horses are in stalls, bedded down heavy and pretty content. Supposed to drop to...
  19. K

    wild oats/alfalfa mix hay???

    Having some trouble finding hay here, may need some late this winter. Made a couple of calls and found some that is a wild oat/alfalfa mix. Does anyone know anything about this kind of hay? I know that I would have to introduce any new hay slowly to my horses, I am concerned about the wild...