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  1. chandab

    Back leg joint sticking

    Balanced nutrition, proper hoof trims and exercise are often all that is needed to keep locking stifles (upward fixation of the patella) managed and not a problem. Confine as little as possible, as being able to move helps. Exercise helps; seems hill work, backing (on the flat and up small...
  2. chandab

    Supplement dosage

    Abby P covered it pretty well. Unless otherwise stated, most supplement dosage is based on 1000-1100# BW, so I give 1/3 dose to B-size minis, 1/4 dose to A-size minis, 1/5 dose to really small ones.
  3. chandab

    Equine Quirks

    No daily habits, but my APHA mare likes to rub her teeth on the diamond tread that is on the tire fenders of my horse trailer, when she is tied to it.
  4. chandab

    Pasture intake per hour

    I may not have been clear, and can't edit, so quoting my own post. I'm strictly talking forage, so hay/pasture; I do not measure exact amounts for their forage. [Their hard feed is very well managed and based on individual needs.]
  5. chandab

    Pasture intake per hour

    I'm not exact in what I feed or how I calculate; but, my minis are turned out during the day and in the dry lot at night, so they get just pasture during the day, and when on drylot they get half their daily ration ration of hay. so, if their total daily ration is 10#, when they are on pasture...
  6. chandab


    Whatcha looking at? Just being nosey. [Mare, gelding, age?]
  7. chandab

    Maiden mare

    How old is she? Is the stallion proven? It might take two cycles for a maiden. You can get a breeding soundness exam from your vet.
  8. chandab

    Founder, help!

    Triple Crown Senior is pretty low sugar/starch, so may be an option to help with weight; listed at 11.7% sugar/starch. Non-molasses beet pulp is a pretty good option, should be soaked. Something more than just forage should be in the diet, as no forage is complete. If you don't want to go with...
  9. chandab


    If I didn't know better, I'd swear you lived in my "neighborhood". I get the same reaction. Around here, it's largely barrel racers and ropers and some ranchwork; so I get a lot of "what do you do with them?" my pat answer is usually "enjoy them". [I lost my go to saddle horse, so lost...
  10. chandab

    Reiki, Distant Healing, Energy Work

    I have a couple friends that do reiki, and IIRC are empaths; quite interesting, even though I still sit on the fence about it, I still find it fascinating.
  11. chandab


    Do what feels right for you. While Midnight may have made a connection with the one girl, it sounds like she didn't with the others. How involved will the other two be? Can them visit a couple times before making a final decision?
  12. chandab

    Rope halter picture

    Does Mr Mike's Tack Shack have a website? I've only worked with him through FB.
  13. chandab

    Rope halter picture has web halters. Chimacum tack has some nice halters, size 100 or 200 probably for most minis (check their sizing chart or inquire with them for good fit for you minis size). I've bought a couple from Chick's Saddlery during sales.
  14. chandab

    Rope halter picture

    The line of draft is wrong with rope halters on minis, so that adds to pressure points. Poorly adjusted web halters can do damage as well, just not quite as easily. The web halter noseband should only be a finger width or two below the prominent cheek bone. The cheekpieces could stand to be...
  15. chandab

    Feeding a pregnant mare? And other first timer questions

    Unfortunately, when it comes to fescue, even if you plant endophyte free seed, if there is any infested fescue in the area it can contaminate that which started out endophyte free, perhaps not immediately, but eventually, so I personally wouldn't risk it for broodstock (fine for non-breeding...
  16. chandab

    Feeding a pregnant mare? And other first timer questions

    Talk to your vet about appropriate vaccinations during pregnancy for your area. Yes, most dewormers are safe during pregnancy, plain ivermectin is usually very safe. If you horse is an easy keeper, it's quite possible the ration balancer will be just fine for the whole pregnancy and perhaps even...
  17. chandab

    Orchestra at Horse Show!

    Is this Excalibur? I think that might be what it's called, the equestrian dinner show.
  18. chandab

    Integrity Horse Feed

    For those sizes, 2/3-1# daily sounds like it would be in the right ballpark. 35 and 37" mini are likely to be in the 300-350# range, so roughly 1/3 the size of the average fullsize horse, so diet would be about 1/3 that recommended for the full-size. I'd start with that 2/3# (well, work up to...
  19. chandab

    Integrity Horse Feed

    Thank you for the pics. Doesn't look half bad, would like to see actual numbers for sugar/starch, but based on ingredients, I'll guess it's not terribly high, and with the fairly low feeding rate, I'd be willing to give it a try, especially for easy keepers that don't need excessive calories...
  20. chandab

    Integrity Horse Feed

    Can you get a clear picture of the tag showing the guaranteed analysis, ingredients and feeding directions? I'm not familiar with this particular brand, but fairly well versed in nutrition, so happy to help if I can.