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  1. picasso

    Nationals judges

    Does anybody know if they gave announced the nationals judges for next year yet???
  2. picasso

    Bleaching stalls

    We recently came home from the Ohio State Fair where our horses caught something. Coughing and not eating. At congress this past week I heard several horses with the same sounding cough that we had already had. My question is: we are going back to nationals in three weeks--does spraying the...
  3. picasso


    I know it has been talked about on here before but I'm not having any luck finding it. I have a horse that has some kind of little bugs on his neck. I am assuming it is probably (maybe) lice. What do they look like and how do you treat them to get rid of them?? Also, can horses get fleas...
  4. picasso

    High Mountain Minis and Shetlands Cams

    Hi Everybody!! I have finally gotten my cameras up and running on marestare. It has been a real challenge this year. LOL I have two more mares to foal. One has already gone!! The first is Little Kings BTS Rose Swan. She is bred to Little Kings Psyched Up Buck. She is due April 10th. She...
  5. picasso

    ASPC/AMHR Convention

    Does anyone know the dates for convention this year???
  6. picasso

    Proud to announce

    CLRs Crusin Has been awarded 2011 AMHR Division B Driving Horse of the Year. I am so proud of what this horse has accomplished. He is an unbelievable animal to drive. I would like to thank Mike Workman for allowing us to own Crusin. He raised an awesome animal. Also, thank you to Drew...
  7. picasso

    I'm just running a tad bit late!!!! LOL

    Just wanted to share our All Star Results. So proud of "The Boys". Thank you to Mike and Judy Workman for letting the boys come to Kentucky to live. And a super special thank you to John Rimmer for all the work you have done training these two boys. Remember all the "extras" are "in the fine...
  8. picasso

    New Scam using Lennie Bertrand's name and email

    I get to work this morning and check my emails first thing. There is one in my quarantine summary from Lennie Bertrand (Bertrand's Miniature Horse Ranch). So naturally I have it delivered and open it since I know Lennie and have shown at his place several times. Apparently, some one has...
  9. picasso

    Christmas Card Exchange

    I signed up for the card exchange and received my list. However, this morning when I sat down to address cards, opened my email and apparently I have somehow deleted the email that was sent to me with the addresses and names. If somebody could send me a new list I would really appreciate it...
  10. picasso

    Funny metal signs

    A couple of years ago we went to the North American Livestock Show and I bought a yellow, diamond shaped sign that said "Caution standing in this area may get your butt run over by a championship horse". I hung it on the inside of my horse trailer door. Everybody that saw it got a good laugh...
  11. picasso

    High Mountain's first foal and maybe only foal for 2010

    Announcing High Mountains Stop, Drop and Roll (pending). He will be AMHR and AMHA registered. He was born at 12:35 Wednesday morning. Text book delivery. Thanks to 2 ladies on Marestare I was there just as he was born. Would like to have opinions of what color he is???? I am not good with...
  12. picasso

    The Journal is coming, The Journal is coming!!!!!!

    I had a couple extra copies of the Journal ordered, so when I got home this afternoon there was a message from Nancy in the office. She wanted to make sure I still wanted the extra copies. She said they had gotten the Journal in the office TODAY!!!! It's making headway toward us all that are...
  13. picasso

    All Star Placings

    Please let me share our amazing All Star results. Michigans Twist To The Right Classic Mare, Yearling 43" and under-8th Classic Mare Amateur Owned and Shown 46" and under-6th Rhapsody's Quest For Gold HOF Foundation Classic Model Gelding 42" and under-7th Michigans Pralines and Cream...
  14. picasso

    Sharing our foal born in October

    I realized yesterday after reading the "clipping" topic that I had never shared pictures of our little one born in October. I posted on it that we had clipped her some yesterday. I wasn't sure if the mare was bred or not. She had been in the pasture with the stallion, but every time he got...
  15. picasso

    High Mountain's All Star Results

    Can I please share our All Star results? Buckeye WCF I'm So Bleu (This is our son's horse) Solid Color-over 4th Amateur Halter Gelding-under 3rd SAS Dust Buster Country Pleasure Driving 34"-38" 3rd Anateur Country Pleasure Driving 34"-38" 4th Gentlemen CPD 34"-38" 6th...
  16. picasso

    Wonderful Christmas Present from my Wonderful Husband!!!!!

    My husband kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him the only thing I wanted was CLRs Rock Solid. So guess who's coming to Kentucky Tuesday. He is a ASPC/AMHR 4 year old gelding. He will be going to John Rimmer to finish his driving training that was started by Drew McDannald in...
  17. picasso

    Can I please share our Nationals pictures??

    I would like to share our boy, CLRs Crusin. We got him in early June and I just love this boy. I have had driving horses for a few years now, but every one that I get my husband kind of takes over so I never get to drive. Well, I decided earlier this year that I was getting me a driving...
  18. picasso

    Clipper vendor at Nationals

    Does anyone know the contact info for the clipper vendor that was at Nationals set up outside the paddock arena? I would appreciate it. Thanks
  19. picasso

    Jim Wheeler

    Don't know if this is the right place for this post. If not feel free to move it, but thought people would want to know. I just received an e-mail that Jim Wheeler passed away early this morning. Elly Wheeler's husband. He did not recover from quadruple bypass surgery and pneumonia. We...
  20. picasso

    Home from Nationals, but not recovered yet!!!

    We had an unbelievable Nationals show. It started off pretty slow and disheartening, but we recovered nicely. We had a 3 year old driving horse in the futurity. We thought he was something special, but the judge gave him the gate. We were pretty bummed out about it. But we kept on. He then...