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  1. Darkstar

    19 years young

    Here are some photos of our grand ole boy that I'd like to share. The photos were taken a couple days after his 19th birthday. The 1st photo really reminds me of a photo of a very famous horse. Can you guess who? (Was a very windy day!) Thanks for letting me share.
  2. Darkstar

    LB anual fundraiser idea

    With the dwarfism topics always springing up on this board, how about an anual LB fundraiser, auction or whatever to raise money to contribute to dwarfism research. Good idea? Bad idea?
  3. Darkstar

    Flashy new filly

    This colorful little girl was just born early this morning. Colorwise she has ALOT going on. She is a bay tobiano overo appaloosa(possible snowcap) with partial blue eyes. On top of the color she should have incredible movement also. I'm not quite sure on a name yet. Image of Excess seems kinda...
  4. Darkstar

    Webster City sale

    Did anyone go to the Webster City sale or have the results?
  5. Darkstar

    1st 2007 Foal...Finally!!!

    Better late than never! This guy was was a month late arriving. I think he was worth the wait. I was pretty suprised that he came out a solid color as both his parents are appys. I'm pretty sure he will app out later to either a varnish roan ot a snowflake as he he grey around his eyes. I think...
  6. Darkstar

    Help.AMHR Lookup Please?

    Can someone look up a horse in the AMHR stud book for me? I've lost her paperwork and need her Registration number. Her name is Darkstars Spectacular Silver Belle.
  7. Darkstar

    central results?

    Have the results for the central regional show been posted anywhere? Does anyone have a link? thanks