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    Post Breeding Question

    After many many years - I have finally begun my first breeding venture. Before the keyboard warriors emerge - yes I can afford it, yes they’re both registered (and darn nice!), yes they’ve both proven themselves in the show ring, and my plan for the foal is to keep it - as the stallion is my...
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    12" collar and Hames

    Where's the best place to find a 12" collar and hames, and a harness? Not looking to have one custom made this time
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    Looking For A Mare - Buckeye WCF Blue Star

    Probably a shot in the dark, but hopefully by next spring I will be in the place to take on another mini. Within the next 2 years, my mother (an experienced horseman) would like one of her own as well. I own this mare's first colt, Buckeye WCF Dance in the Clouds, sired by Little WarDance. I...
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    First Dressage Show

    Miss Reba (Little Sister Don't Miss) and I did our first dressage show a few weeks ago! She was a SUPERSTAR! We did intro A, sport horse in hand, and intro B. She scored in the high 70s for Sporthorse, then mid 60s for our tests - not bad at all for a very green 3! It was pouring all day and she...
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    Breeding Ponies

    I've decided to strongly consider breeding my filly next year. I know what I want - I want her, with a better foot, longer neck, a little bit more 'bone,' a drier Arab head, in black and white - with her awesome temperament and epic level of athleticism. Also about 13hh like she is. She will be...
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    My Filly is a Hussy!

    I'm fairly well versed with repro, but this brat has got me all wound up. My now 3 year old 13hh pony filly has been in a rip roaring heat for literally weeks. Her legs and tail are just covered. She stands, pees, and winks 24/7. Her newest thing is the board owners 20+ yr old draft horse...
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    Tying Up Tails For Winter

    So usually I like to bang tails going into winter. However, my stud now has a totally gorgeous fake looking tail, and I want to make it look 'extra barf worthy fake' by having it be as thick as it is AND stupid long. What do you guys do for winter to wrap and braid manes and tails? Which...
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    Adding a Second Dog?

    Since there are many dog people here as well, thought id ask for an opinion. I'm in my early 20s, but have been out of my parents house 4 going on 5 years. I have done well for myself I'd like to think. I have a 2 bedroom brand new house that's part of my pay, a management job on a large dairy...
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    Favorite Horse "Psychologist"

    I have always followed temple grandin, with a little bit of monty Roberts and John Lyons tossed in there. I'm not looking for someone to follow cult style, nor am I looking to over haul my horsemanship style, but I'm looking for a good read that's a little bit from a different perspective, just...
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    Pelleted Alfalfa? Protein Tubs?

    Anyone ever feed it? I struggle to find well made alfalfa dry hay out here and think it would be a big help to both my guys. How did you use it? Did you soak it or just feed it straight? Also has anyone ever used a protein tub? Specially made for horses of course. They seem to be growing in...
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    Has Anyone Ever Used Lutalyse?

    So, my 34" poop head stallion went over 2 4' mesh and board fences, under 2 VERY hot electric ones, and managed to potentially 'consummate his marriage' with my 12.2hh filly. Jerk. The same stud stood tied dead quietly next to her on the trailer at a show during her last heat cycle. She was...
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    Sucking pony?

    I have a 2 yr old Arab/hackney?/paint? Filly. She is exactly 2 this month. Anyway, she has a weird habit of sucking on things, as soon as she gets nervous she wants to nurse, she will 'root' up under something (gate, arm of a person, trailer door, etc) and will try to suck. She does not wind...
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    Where to Buy Tack?

    Upon the recent passing of my welsh to of all things spinal cancer (he was a 3 yr old grey...) I bought myself my absolute dream pony. She'll be 2 in May and sticks at 12.2 now and I don't think she'll get much bigger. 'Reba' is a super loud Arab/saddle type critter that doesn't seem to fit in...
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    How Would You Handle This?

    I board my two boys. I am the only boarder and I am extremely happy with everything about the place and care. I have a friend with 2 small children. They love animals and to get them to try something new, they asked if they could ride my mini (biggest is maybe 40lbs). All was well, kids loving...
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    Mini Bosal?

    Has anyone purchased the bosal from Ozark? Would you reccomend it? Looking for a good bit less option for some very very wee lead liners. Any other reccomendations? Needs to be stylish as we show breed shows!
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    Turnout help - desperately needed!!!!!!!

    So the uncontrollable pony I posted about a few mos ago has come along beautifully. We made the decision tonight to enter him in the local mini show next weekend. My horse is ready but I myself have never felt so so so unprepared for a horse show in my life! I've never driven in a show, and only...
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    Doggy Ear Tip To Share!

    I have a coonhound with the traditional hound ear problems! He was AWFUL about them too - I wrestle cows for a living and this dog whooped me frequently about ear meds or cleaning. He had yeast issues in his ears. Until I had a moment of brilliance in the drug store - feminine itch wipes. Now...
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    When Do You Call It Quits?

    So I have a 45" pony that is legit perfect in every way. But, my trainer is calling him dangerous. He flipped a cart the first time he was hitched. The second time he was hitched, he had a protest but did not. I put my foot down and said I did not think he was ready to be hitched, took it over...
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    Gahhh - pooch problems!

    I have a 1 yr old coonhoundXrott mix. GREAT dog - and has made A LOT of strides. Only had him 3 mos now, and before that he was never really in a house or socialized. My last dog I did agility, rallyo, and got therapy certified and ran a reading program with with special needs kids. I can train...
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    Harness Woes

    I cannot find a single harness I like for my boy! He is a stout 40" welsh X that had a bit of a woopty-do with the cart (green baby!) and broke his very used older than we are combined harness. I need something with an open bridle, would like a dual check, in russet leather, under $300. Anyone...