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  1. Darkstar

    Appy coloring

    Hey Zoey. Your frustration is completely understood by anyone that has tried to breed for the appaloosa pattern! I think this is why so many people get out trying to breed appaloosas. It's hard enough to try and breed good horses and if you throw loud colored horses into the mix ARG!!! LOL My...
  2. Darkstar

    Smallest Mini

    Here is our tiny stallion Myster Spectacular. I think he is very well put together. He is 27.5" and four years old this year.
  3. Darkstar

    Our newest, plus some others

    Congratulations Tony. Those are some beautiful appy foals! That Kachina Doll looks like she is something else. WOW!!!
  4. Darkstar

    Anybody going to the Sioux Falls, SD Show?

    I think this is the actual address to the fairgrounds: W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds 4000 W. 12th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57107-0289
  5. Darkstar

    Anybody going to the Sioux Falls, SD Show?

    I'll be there! I'm going to be showing one of our yearling colts, Orion All Over. I may have a last minute entry also. I still have some clipping to do in order to see what's hiding under all the fur. lol
  6. Darkstar

    Hey Berry Fairy.........

    Congratulations on your new filly. She is a beauty!!! I hope your aim is good Susan. If you see that berry fairy take a shot at him for me! lol We had our second colt this morning. Though I'm happy everything went well, I was hoping for a filly from this mare.
  7. Darkstar

    Very differnet-photos page2

    We just had a foal a few days ago with a Bend Or spot on his rump. I call him a one spot colt. lol Here is a photo of him.
  8. Darkstar

    Leopard appaloosa colt born

    Beautiful colt!!!! Congratulations!
  9. Darkstar

    First 2009 Foal for Crayonbox

    Congratulations on your beautiful new spotted girl!!!
  10. Darkstar

    Introducing our Loud Leopard colt

    WOWZERS!!!!!! That boy has some spots! Congratulations on such a beautiful colt. I'm going to guess that he's a bay as the color on his face seems too dark to be a buckskin. Maybe it's the lighting?
  11. Darkstar

    2nd live foal for us

    Congratulations on your beautiful new colt! :D He's got some nice long legs on him. I like his star and snip too. It kind of looks like an exclamation point! lol
  12. Darkstar

    Just bought a new Colt

    His spots are probably from his pinto heritage. It looks like his mother has very similar markings on her side as well. Because he is mostly white, and his sire is an appaloosa it is possible for appaloosa to be hiding in there. If so, it may show up as roaning on his face. He is a beautiful colt!!
  13. Darkstar

    How many foals are u expecting???

    We're hoping for 11 by our Orion son, Brewers Orion Image, but it will probably be just 9 as 2 of our mares foaled pretty late last year. Then 2 more by our 27.5" stallion Darkstars Myster Spectacular. I'm very nervous about these 2 foals as we have never bred such small mares before. Both mares...
  14. Darkstar

    Filly vs. Colt

    I think with miniatures the bottom line is the bottom line, so to speak. It all comes down to dollars and sense with minis. What is a miniature show gelding worth as compared to a show filly or mare? I think there are just too many breeders and not enough showing farms in the miniature world...
  15. Darkstar

    Breeding Small Mares...YOUNG!

    eeehhh gads!!! Mother Nature can only do so much!!! This match-up should not have been done IMHO. Especially with one so young and small! I hope this girl does okay. I don't mean to judge, but this match-up is one I would not ever consider doing no matter what the build of the mare or stallion...
  16. Darkstar

    2nd foal of 09 for Sawmill River!!!!

    Beautiful filly!!! Boy, she has some legs on her! How about, SRF Dandys Duchess for a name?
  17. Darkstar

    Who would you pick???

    I would pick Orion Light Vant Huttenest. He was without a doubt, a horse ahead of his time. We're very fortunate to have one of his sons. :D
  18. Darkstar

    between seasons

    It sounds like you are are caught between a rock and a hard place, like most all of us northern miniature horse people. I hope some of the experienced trainers and show folks will chime in on this post and expound on nutrition vs. exercise. I really can't give you any good specific advice as I...
  19. Darkstar

    Characteristics of famous lines

    I'm a big fan of the Orion line. Not only for refinement, proportion and appy mentioned above but for beautiful heads, necks and clean throat latches as well. Do all Orion bred horses have all the characteristics? No, but many do and are pre-potent for producing these qualities. I believe a...
  20. Darkstar

    Chickasha, OK sale this weekend

    Here's a link to the sale: Chickasha sale