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    Pathological Research on D2 dwarfism

    Hello All, This is John Eberth. I am the person that discovered the dwarf mutations. I am working on pathological descriptions for the different mutations. I am here in need of help locating any breeders willing to donate dwarfs for pathological exams. I would prefer to have term still born...
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    Chondrodysplasia-like Dwarfism in the Miniature Horse

    As promised when I finished my thesis I would let the Lilbeginnings be notifies for all those that helped and showed interest. I am presently working on the paper to be submitted to a peer reviewed magazine. Should be done shortly. Until then you can read the pdf from the UK library. The...
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    dwarf types - pics

    Here is a link to show pics of the different types dwarf site Thank you Janell for your site Tessa is type 1 - most common in the breed Cassy and Shorty are type 2, Little Bit is type 3 The others could be combinations of the different types, they show multiple characteristics of the 3...
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    A call out to anyone with a young dwarf mini

    Attention everyone I am coming to this forum for obvious reasons. You have been quite interested in my work and have expressed a willingnes to help if it is needed. As well as being THE forum to be on for anything going on in the Miniature horse world. Well my situation is muti-fold to say...
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    End of this Webanar

    Just to let everyone know on this board that the end of this week is the end of the Dwarfism Question and Answer Forum. I believe it has run its course of questions to be asked. If any of you have questions regarding Dwarfism in the Miniatures at some later time, please feel free to email me...
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    Response to PM from nightflight

    I recieved this PM below from nightflight suggesting all of ACH cases in humans has been proven to be solely derived from the paternal side, ie, sperm only. This paper she sited I have listed below and it is available to read as a pdf, and other formats free. It was written in 1998. My...
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    Hello Everyone, I am posting here because I think this place is the best place to disseminate info fast. I am John Eberth, most of you probably know me or know of me, I am trying to complete my research on Dwarfisms in Miniatures. In order for me to accomplish this I need to pathologically...