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  1. GlacierRidge

    Playmate for colt

    Do you have a gelding you could buddy up with him? I had goats, and minis...and from my experience we had here, the goats and minis didn't interact at all. But if you try it, make sure the goat doesn't have horns. But goats, too, prefer company with their own kind. There are always...
  2. GlacierRidge

    Anyone build slow feeders?

    Yep, that's what I was thinking. We have a co op here that sells "cattle-type" panels, but they are called horse/security panels and have 2x4 inch squares. That's all I've found so far. They aren't cheap either! But I'm going to look around. ANgie
  3. GlacierRidge

    Anyone build slow feeders?

    Thanks Barb, How big of an opening do the cattle panels have?
  4. GlacierRidge

    Anyone build slow feeders?

    Here's info and ideas if anyone's wondering what I'm talking about! Slow Feeders I posted this a little while back, hubby and I are planning on building this feeder for our small crew of minis. Hay Feeder It's 8' long and double sided, and I think would suit them fine, since we have so few...
  5. GlacierRidge

    Costume ideas

    Thanks for the replies! I'd LOVE to see the headless horseman pics! The wooly mammoth was adorable!!! I like the spider decorations too! We did have to get permission from our local police dept. to do this..... I have to have two adults, the ability (and supplies) to clean up any mess, and...
  6. GlacierRidge

    Costume ideas

    We have one mini who we usually take trick or treating with us every year. We have taken the cart too, but it's such a hassle, we live in the country and have to trailer everything to a relative's house, prepare there and set off. Last year, I took him just leading him, and we had a better...
  7. GlacierRidge

    Fencing: will be upgrading next spring...

    I have the knotted wire (woven-like) and when I put it up, I put up a strand on the bottom, and a strand about butt high. We had goats originally, and the goats were always trying to get under the fence. There's barely a gap between the fence and the ground, but we did have a pygmy goat wiggle...
  8. GlacierRidge


    I have three donkeys, and all three of them are different. One is very loud, deep and ear piercing, the other is loud too, but higher pitched, and then we have Katie....who turned a year old on September 1st. She sounds....well, kinda like you mentioned...a sick goose? I thought it was...
  9. GlacierRidge

    building a mini-sized lean to/stall question

    We are fairly small scale, we have 2 mini geldings and 3 mini donkeys, who are all kept together. They have a run in, that is a corner of my barn, so at least one of the doors is always kept open. I would really LOVE to have hubby build them their own lean to. I would love to have the extra...
  10. GlacierRidge

    Driving didn't go well yesterday....

    So I've been driving my 36" gelding, Magic, for three years now. Nothing fancy, not competitively, just for fun and pleasure. I did the work myself, and was quite proud of what we accomplished. We've driven mostly on quiet country roads, in the yard, and in fields nearby (flat ones!). He is...
  11. GlacierRidge

    Clipping weaned donkey foals

    Thanks for the input! I swear, she's barely shedding...and when I brush her, I'm not getting a whole lot out. I take a shedding blade to everyone else, but it's just not working on her coat. Thinking baby coats are different? I'd love to see how she looks underneath! Angie
  12. GlacierRidge

    Clipping weaned donkey foals

    I wanted to add this post here, as I did see the post where problems were caused between mom and baby with body clipping a foal still on mom. I have a 10 month old jennet, so that's not an issue here, however, I have a couple of questions, since this is my first donkey foal experience. How...
  13. GlacierRidge

    chimera show on now

    There are several videos, I found them for you. The sound is not perfect quality, but still fine, and this is very interesting to watch! Otherwise, perhaps Discovery Health will be playing it again! Hope I got all of these links right. Otherwise, I just went to You Tube's website, and did a...
  14. GlacierRidge

    chimera show on now

    Since someone mentioned seeing something, I thought I'd mention...may depend on your time zone, I'm in the central time zone, but Discovery Health has a show on chimeras on right now. "I am my own twin" it's called. Very interesting...I'd seen it before. Since the possible chimera filly came...
  15. GlacierRidge

    Where did you get your harness?

    I ordered mine from Iowa Valley Carriage ( I LOVE it. I am not sure if they have leather harnesses or not, mine is betathane. They made it to fit my mini gelding, but it adjusts well to also fit my mini donkey, and I'm thinking it will also fit my small pony...
  16. GlacierRidge

    Help needed on donkey

    I'm so sorry, I was hoping no news might have been good news in this case. Unfortunately I couldn't offer anything on your question.... but I do hope the bloodwork comes soon, and gives you some peace of mind in knowing the cause for sure. Angie
  17. GlacierRidge

    SO Proud of my boy!!

    I will see what I can do! A photo journal would be fun! Maybe "blog" about it....hmmmm. Just his personality...he might be a little! But, he's also very eager to please, and not a whole lot phases I do think he'd make a good driving prospect...
  18. GlacierRidge

    I need hugs...

    ((((HUGS)))) to you.... Angie
  19. GlacierRidge

    SO Proud of my boy!!

    So life has its way of sometimes getting away from ya...and driving Magic had been put on the back burner. I hadn't driven him in over a year, until today. He hitched up and drove off like he's been driving regularly in all that time! What makes it feel even better is that I did the training...
  20. GlacierRidge

    Photos of trimming/grooming stands/stocks?

    Thanks for that link! Whatta name!! I love that too! And some of our minis are gotta love them! Angie