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  1. Magic Marker Minis


    Bats and raccoons carry the rabies virus generation to generation. They may not get any symptons but the virus is in them. I went to vet school and was told that. Also, you can't give a live virus of the rabies vaccination due to possible causing them to get symptons.
  2. Magic Marker Minis


    Marsha, I am looking at this thread on my phone. I looked at that picture and for the life of me, had no idea what you took a picture of. It looks like dry grass. After reading Ryan's response, I took a closer look. Had to click on picture and enlarge. Now I know what you took a picture of. Very...
  3. Magic Marker Minis

    ?s about raising my filly now is a month old!

    Unless you can weigh the horse, you have to estimate. We have taped our adults, so pretty much k.ow their weight. As for foals, depends on size of baby. Our babies tend to be small. Our filly now, at 8 months weights less 100 lbs. We would give her wormer at the 100 lb mark. Doesn't hurt to...
  4. Magic Marker Minis

    Tetanus Vaccination

    As long as you know how and where, you can vaccinate your horse for everything but Rabies in the US. Not sure about your area.
  5. Magic Marker Minis

    Pawing Horses...

    We have a mare that usually only gets grain during late pregnancy and lactation; she paws while eating. She even tries pawing while eating hay in a feeder. We just ignore her. Couple of our yearlings are pawers as they wait for grain. We tap their leg and say no. We don't give them grain until...
  6. Magic Marker Minis

    Testing Eggs

    1) Peel under cold running water 2) Put in a jar. Shake the jar, so that the egg rotates around. Usually easy to peel after that. The first one is the best. We have fresh eggs and that's how we peel them.
  7. Magic Marker Minis

    Aggressive Eater!

    He's very cute. I do know we have a few minis that paw while eating. They were never in the same environment as your boy. I do have a yearling colt that paws, paces back and forth in front of his feeder, and is always rubbing his head on his feeder. I would say the same as the person above...
  8. Magic Marker Minis

    New Hens!

    The yellow one will most likely be white. The black and brown one may be black with brown head and wings.
  9. Magic Marker Minis

    New Hens!

    The Frizzle is a result from a mutated gene that can show up in any breed. Mostly banties. If you breed a Frizzle to a normal feathered hen, there's a certain percentage that Frizzle. A couple years ago, one of our hens got broody and wanted to set. We left her with six eggs. Four hatched. Of...
  10. Magic Marker Minis

    New Hens!

    I don't think breeding related chickens is as big a deal as horses. Also, do not breed Frizzles to Frizzles. It messes up their feathers. As for your mare, you should be able to put your arms around her belly after she has started eating. You should feel the baby bumping your arms or hands...
  11. Magic Marker Minis

    New Hens!

    We have a frizzle rooster. Once we move to Missouri, we will be getting Silkie and Polish hens for him. My roommate wants to make Big Birds, Polish/Frizzle cross. Silkies also become very broody and make excellent mothers. Do you have any new pictures of Texas? Ever figure out if your other...
  12. Magic Marker Minis

    New Hens!

    Be careful about introducing chicks to older chickens. The older chickens may attack and kill or severely injure the chicks.
  13. Magic Marker Minis

    Mare Having Trouble Adjusting to New Home

    Is she the only horse/animal? If so, you may want to get her a companion. If you don't want to get another horse, try a goat. If she was only used as a broodmare out in pasture, she probably has never been by herself. As for the spookyness and aggression, all I can tell you is keep working...
  14. Magic Marker Minis

    An Auction Gelding's Tale

    He's cute and congrats on a new adventure with your pretty boy. Will love pictures as he gains weight and starts his new life.
  15. Magic Marker Minis

    Teasing, breeding Covering Mares

    I don't know where your located, but it its getting cooler, the mares will stop coming into heat. She's either pregnant or is getting ready for winter. Just watch. You can sometimes feel the baby around five to six months. Wait until she has been eating for about 15 minutes and then put your...
  16. Magic Marker Minis

    Weanling Rescue Advice

    TSC is where we get our grain. They've always had the Mi.iature horse feed when we looked. Both in AZ, OK, and MO. He's cute. If you can't find the grain, get a grain for seniors. Its easily digestable and I know many mini breeders/owners use it, instead of a grain for a young horse. Start him...
  17. Magic Marker Minis

    Weanling Rescue Advice

    We feed our Miniatures Purina Miniature Horse and Pony. She has been a chunk and even being weaned from dam, has not lost any weight. He'll need protein more than anything, at least 16%. Also good quality hay. I think you can worm immediately , not sure on vaccinating. Hopefully he received...
  18. Magic Marker Minis

    Silly Chicken Stories?

    We have eight hens (four Cookoo Marans and four Delaware) and got a frizzle rooster banty back from neighbor. The rooster was beat up by their hens and other rooster. He had no feathers on his neck and butt. Feathers coming back, but the hens hate him. He is pens next to them. Every time he gets...
  19. Magic Marker Minis

    Teasing, breeding Covering Mares

    That will be fine, unless you can put them in a big enough area that they can stay together.
  20. Magic Marker Minis

    Teasing, breeding Covering Mares

    Stallions can smell when the mare is ovulating. Just leave them and he will breed her when she is ovulating.