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  1. Luna_tic

    Mare close to foaling?

    I have a different mare then the one I've posted about before, I pasture bred her last Feb-April but it obviously didn't happen strangley and she must have been bred through the fencing much later along with my other mare. I've been watching her closely last few days, she looks to be nesting...
  2. Luna_tic

    Possible bagging beginning???

    Hi everyone! Just one question please is this considered possible early bagging??? She's just gotten this the last 3 days, it doesn't go away and she's never had it before, thank you xoxo
  3. Luna_tic

  4. Luna_tic

    Stallion color

    I hope it's ok to post this on here, I figured since I was thinking about breeding him to one of my mares it was ok ;) my question is "what color is he considered?" We bought a new house about two months ago, at the close of escrow we were told he had no where to go so we kept him, he's 10 years...
  5. Luna_tic

    I'd really love your advice but first I need to apologize....

    I might have offended some of you, I got a little defensive when actually you're probably right on target! I hope you'll accept my apologies I'm not usually such a bi**h :O hope we can move past that so I can get some very wanted help and advice from some very knowledgable woman
  6. Luna_tic

    Our bottle baby-I couldn't be more in love

    We had our very first foal 5 months ago, her mother rejected her and tried to hurt/kill her immediately upon her birth. We were horrified by the mares behavior called my vet at 2am after Luna was born, he came right out and declared her an orphan as well after seeing the dams behavior! He had...