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  1. PintoPalLover

    AMHR Lookup please :-)

    Hi everyone, I have mare I'd like for somebody to look up for me in AMHR. Her name is Stormy Rivers Scouts Shez My Girl. I have her papers but mostly I want to know if she has any foals registered with AMHR. She was suppose to have had two foals before we bought her but I don't know if they were...
  2. PintoPalLover

    French Link Bit

    Hi Everyone, I'm thinking about ordering a french link bit to try on my girls, I like what I've heard about it thus far, but I was wondering about a couple things. For one, so far the smallest I've found is 3 3/4" , I suppose that would work but I'd prefer to get a 3 1/2" . That's mostly it , I...
  3. PintoPalLover

    Reactions to Vaccines

    My two minis just got vaccinated this morning. They were fine till this afternoon , then I noticed Sugar shaking , and then Nollie shaking a little too. Now Sugar is acting a little droopy. Has anyone had their minis have these reactions to vaccines ? Any suggestions on what to do for them ? We...
  4. PintoPalLover

    When to add the blinkers

    I was wondering to know more about and at what point in training ya'll start your horse wearing blinkers ? Thank you !! P.P.L.
  5. PintoPalLover

    Stormy Rivers Ranch ? Talent Scout

    Hi everyone, My first mini , that I got about 4 1/2 years ago, full name is Stormy Rivers Scouts Shez My Girl . I was wondering if anybody on here knows anything about Stormy River Ranch or Talent Scout , I love my little Scout bred mare ! I believe Talent Scout is in AZ now , but I'm not...
  6. PintoPalLover

    Introducing the bit for the first time

    I"m going to be introducing the bit to my 2 1/2 year old filly soon and just was wondering if you all had any 'Do's & don't's' or tips for bridling the first time ? I'll be starting her in a simple open bridle with a regular half cheek driving snaffle bit per my current plan. Thanks !
  7. PintoPalLover

    Picking a harness

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so hopefully I do everything right. I got my first mini 4 years ago and after having her (Magnolia) for 2 years I got Sugar when she was 3 1/2 months old. I've been ground driving Magnolia for a while so I know the basics of harnessing/harness parts . I'd...