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    Bad bag of Omolene?

    Hi, I opened a bag of Omolene 200 last night and instead of the normal 'apple-y' kind of smell, it smelled like alcohol! As if it had fermented. It looked okay, maybe a bit darker than usual. It also seemed sticky and moister than usual. I had my husband smell it and he said it smelled fine to...
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    Clipper problems!

    Hello! Today was the second time clipping my mini, and the clippers are just not acting the way they were the first time! We have Oster A5 Turbo clippers. These weren't my first choice, I wanted the Andis 2-speed but they were sold out. So the first time they worked great, and other than our...
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    Need a mini blanket in Iowa!

    Figures! I clipped my mini last week because it was up to almost 90 on Sunday and now I'm worried that he's getting cold at night. It's been down to the 40s and next week it might even be a bit colder. Does anyone know how I can get a mini blanket FAST? I found one on Amazon and it won't even...
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    Who takes care of your minis while you're away?

    Hello! I'm planning ahead for my first mini arriving soon, I am very excited and getting things ready for him. I am relatively new to the area and haven't met very many horsey people yet. My mini will be living with me and so I will be responsible for daily care, which won't be a problem. One...
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    AMHR Nationals - Sale?

    Hello, Is there an official sale held at AMHR Nationals? I will be going down either the first or second weekend and I'm trying to plan my trip around looking at prospects for my first mini. I've never been to Nationals so I'm not sure how it works. Is there a sale row like some other shows? If...
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    New to Minis!

    Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Tracy and I'm a long time lurker here. I grew up riding full-sized horses and still do on occasion, but I have fallen in love with minis! I'm looking for a farm in central Iowa that does boarding and gives handling/driving lessons. Is there...