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  1. C G Minis

    Do you have a 401 K

    This election has divided this country to the point that I think may cause some deaths by nov. 5. With that said I am so weary of all the bashing back and forth. We are not going to change any ones minds in who they wish to vote for. Some want change, it that means taking from some to give to...
  2. C G Minis


    Oh you should have called me, would have loved to have gone. Looks like your babies were good for you and the kids.
  3. C G Minis

    Joe Biden

    If that had been Sarah Palin it would have been all over for there campain. If Obama does win is this what will happen over the next 4 years?? Questions they do not want to answer?
  4. C G Minis

    I couldnt resist POLITCAL funny

    It was her choice to have her baby. Why then is the left have a problem with Trig? I thought they were for choice ?? As far as her clothes, Obama's Suits I found out cost 1,600.00 per suit. Such a double standard.
  5. C G Minis

    Dear Mr. Obama

    THANK YOU for posting this and god bless you.
  6. C G Minis

    Tax increase??????

    And we are suppose to belive msnbc???? Give me a break!
  7. C G Minis

    Nancy Pelosi

    And don't forget, they can then tax the EVIL RICH people to get the money they want to spend on pork crap back.
  8. C G Minis

    Colin Powells' disturbing comments

    The 20th is when the new president is sworn in. Wow, this is disturbing.
  9. C G Minis

    Huntly Brown Letter

    Wow after reading this which I knew about is still disturbing. I find it really sad that we as a nation banned slauter houses because of the inhumane treatment of horses but we as a nation { half of us} think it is fine for this to happen to our most helpless humans. A baby! Wow it really blows...
  10. C G Minis


    You are 51 and you do not remember Jimmy Carter?? Wow now that was a worse time for all.
  11. C G Minis

    Poor Joe..

    I am sorry but we work some times 7 days a week, 12 hours in the day to have what we have and to have the goverment take it away to share the wealth does not sit well with us. Let them work like we work instead of sitting on there behinds waiting for our wealth. let them seek there american...
  12. C G Minis

    Poor Joe..

    Please do not make fun of the people here that DO make 250,000 a year. We do and it is not right that some one from canada ,not from the USA would post that.
  13. C G Minis


  14. C G Minis

    Gas prices,,,,,it's about time!!!!!!!!

    2.53 here in Wichita. Its great!!!
  15. C G Minis

    Obamas nationality

    Thank you bassett!!! It drives me crazy hearing all the time, he's african american. No he's not!! I guess we are suppose to forget his white mother. Is it because he wants to think himself as a african american?? I really want to know. Is he ashamed of being half white? Has he ever said why??
  16. C G Minis

    7 1/2 years of George Bush

    You know this election has once again divided this country. It is so sad that it has come to this . I remember how 911 brought us all together as americans. Has George Bush been the perfect president, no but has any one been happy with any president. I will be for ever grateful to him for...
  17. C G Minis

    Obamas plan

    We are one of those small business that makes over 250,000 a year.My husband has a automotive shop with 2 employees. Do you want to know how much of that 250,000 we see? May be 40,000 a year. That is what we take so we are FAR from rich OK. I work also to make ends meet. I am afraid now we will...
  18. C G Minis

    September 30 1999 New York Times article explains how we got in

    There is plenty of blame to go around. To totally blame one party is total nonsense. Now that we are in this mess and have passed the bill to bail it out there needs to be a investigation into this whole mess. In the meantime we the regular people will suffer,its a scarey time now for our...
  19. C G Minis

    YIKES! We have NO Gas here

    Lots of gas here in Kansas, 3.15 a gallon,2.99 a gallon in Topeka. yepeeeeeeeee!!