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  1. Barefootin

    "Small" brag and the new guy

    Ok first just a small....well maybe a medium sized one. We took our 29" stallion, Jimmy Deans Mighty Man, to the Area 3 Regional Championship. It was close to the farm and we only entered 2 classes so we just hauled in for the day. First up for us was the costume class. As you can see it was me...
  2. Barefootin

    Starting our pair

    We finally started our girls working as a pair. They have both been driving single for over a year and doing fantastic. This video is of them just the second time being line driven as a pair. http://<embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true"...
  3. Barefootin

    2014 Barefoot Farms Foaling - Quesa colt 5/10

    Finally the ladies are giving up their foals. Our first to foal was Storm Hills Alice Blue aka Alice. She foaled a lovely little Silver Dapple Tobiano filly on 5/7/14. We're calling her Fancy. She is sired by Jimmy Deans Fussbuster. The string test said this was a colt.....NOT! The second...
  4. Barefootin

    Very proud of our "little" girls

    We went to the Orange Blossom Miniature Horse show this past weekend. My daughter decided she wanted to show in the driving classes even though she has very little experience driving(less than 10 drives). The mare she drives is just now 3 yrs old so she doesn't have very much driving time under...
  5. Barefootin

    First time at a Water Hazard

    Our little gang went to a Driving clinic this weekend. Lots of compliments on our little girls. They've only been driving a few months but most people would never know that. The video is of them going through actual water of ANY kind for the first time. Chloe-Julie first time water hazard.MOV...
  6. Barefootin

    Christmas photos 2013

    Well the weather finally cooperated for taking some Christmas pictures of the horses and ummmm some silly people. This one is of our 6(yes 6) miniature stallions, 1 pony gelding, and 1 pony mare. Next is our smoky black mini stud Cadle Creeks Smoky Rogue This is our Sr. mini stud Jimmy...
  7. Barefootin

    New filly with Interesting color (new pics and info added pg3)

    Here we go again! Mom just can not say no when a good animal is selling waaay below even meat prices. Obviously neither can I since this time I'm the one that paid for them. The last thing we needed was another horse let alone 6 more. But how can you say no to good stock that is double...
  8. Barefootin

    Our newest arrivals

    Well Mom has been out and about again. It seems I can't even let her go to a friend's house without her bringing home another mini. She does pick them up for very good prices. which is why she's afraid they go somewhere not good if she doesn't bring them to our farm. Anyway, here are the newest...
  9. Barefootin

    Minis out in public

    Home Depot was having a Customer Appreciation Day. My Dad and my Sister work at Home Depot so they naturally knew nothing about this beforehand. LOL My Sister called my Mom the morning of the event and asked for her to bring the minis ASAP. So Mom hooks up our ginormous 3 horse trailer to take...
  10. Barefootin

    Pro pic finally! Went to our first AMHR/AMHA show

    We had a grand time at our first real mini show. The judges were very friendly and helpful especially with the kids. The show was small but that made it better for our first time. We've shown big horses Forever it seems so that helped some with nerves and basics. The other people showing were...
  11. Barefootin

    New Color or Pattern?

    I couldn't resist posting a couple of photos of the kids in their new show clothes. This first one is our 3 yr old Buckskin stallion, Jimmy Deans Mighty Man. He looks soooo thrilled to have his breakfast interrupted. [/url]">http:// Next is our 2 yr old Bay filly, 2 Mini 4 Ft LilyFae...
  12. Barefootin

    Pumpkin due 4/28

    Our next mini mare due is Pumpkin. She should have foaled around 4/48/13 but I guess she didn't get the memo this year. Here's a "before" pic. This one was taken just a couple of days ago. And while I'm here and posting photos I'll go ahead an put up some updated pics of Ernie.
  13. Barefootin

    New here saying hello!

    Hello Everyone. I am happy to have found this forum. We're just getting ready to start showing our minis this year. We're really excited about that. We also have a few foals coming this year any day now. We love the babies. We recently picked up another (groan) mini mare. Her name is Shadowoods...