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    Breyer Collectors

    Looking for a Unicorn for my granddaughter. Does not "have" to be a breyer, but the traditional size of the breyer is what I'm looking for. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've looked on ebay, and that may be my best shot. Just thought I'd ask here.
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    I Ride

    This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and just came across. Maybe some of you feel the same way. Hope you enjoy it. I Ride I ride and I enjoy it The sweat the dirt the smell I ride to feel like me again When thing aren’t going well. I ride with strength and focus On cloudy days or...
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    Do any of you remember Baby Hoot?

    I can't believe it was 3 years ago, but I came here needing help on hand raising an orphaned mule. Well, we must have done something right, because he's still around and has just finished his cart training! He measures about 13 hh (52"). He comes home this weekend. I can't wait to have him...
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    Anyone famous in your family tree?

    I have 2! I am related to Mark Twain on my grandfathers side and I am related to Pat Garrett on my grandmothers side. What about you?
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    Toyota Tundra...Does anyone have one?

    Thinking of getting a new(er) truck. Does anyone have the Toyota Tundra? Do you like it? Does it hold up? Pros, Cons??? I've always had a Ford F-150. In the 2009 year Ford has made a lot of changes both inside and out. (the tailgate step, for one! ) The towing capacity has been increased...
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    I just got a call from Hahler (from Lil'beginnings). She is friends of these people. She called them and they now know that there is a problem with the computers. They are still in business and doing well! Joe is suppose to get on here and explain, but I wanted to let everyone know that they...
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    Barracuda Nippers - can't get a reply

    I have been trying since March 11 to buy some nippers. Trouble is I can't get anyone to return my email. And I've checked my spam folders, nothing there either. I have heard great things about these nippers and want to give them try. I can't believe no one will return my email, so I'm thinking...
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    Solar Powered Hot Fence

    Do you use the Solar Powered hot fence or the "plug-in" electric fence. Do the solar type work or do they have issues I should know about? Is one type better than the others? If you were going to buy one, what would it be? Thanks,
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    Life in the 1500's

    Life in the 1500's The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s: Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May , and still...
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    Ear Mites?? How do you know

    My mini, Rico, is acting really weird. He has always been good with his head/ears but lately, that's not the case. Admitedly, I haven't messed with him much over the last 4 mths. Just quick pets at feeding time. Yesterday, I was petting him and as I was scratching from his shoulder up to his...
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    AMHA World Show

    Can someone tell me what day and time liberty will be?
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    looking for that old email being passed around

    I'm looking for that old email that was making the rounds a while back. It's the one where the guy calls his buddy and right in front of him is a wreck and 3 old ladies get out of car and start beating up the guy that hit them and the guy on the phone is laughing histerically. It's so funny...
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    Does anyone here breed Boxers?

    I raise miniature australian shepherds. I think I am very knowledgeable about that breed. I know enough to know that the dogs I raise are not a good fit with my daughter’s home. She lives in a small town and has a "regular" back yard. She lives in Texas, so the weather is unpredictable. Highs...
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    Is there a place to look up attorneys, kinda like the Better Business Bureau but for lawyers? Can you tell we've never needed one before....I don't know where to start.
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    Any ideas for removing Asphault from my truck

    Does anyone know how to get that sticky, tar-like, oily, greasy asphault off my WHITE truck? The county sprayed the road yesterday. The wind was blowing 30 miles an hour (with gusts up to 40) was windy While they were spraying, the stuff blew all over my truck. Coated it! How can I get...
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    BHR- Riding in the Smokey Mountians

    My husband and I are wanting to make a riding vacation in the Smokey Mountains. We live in Texas (ain't no mountains here!) Should we worry about the horses being able to make it there? Is the elevation even enough to matter? Am I worrying over nothing? Thanks for your input.
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    New puppies!!

    Hi all, Just wanted to show off our new litter of puppies! We had 6 mini Aussies born yesterday, (3 boys, 3 girls). We have 5 black tri's and one blue merle. All are healthy and active. Mom is great...very loving and attentive. granted they aren't doing much yet...I will update pics as they...
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    April Fools Day

    My son, Tyler, has been in the Coast Guard for about a 1 ½ now. He and I have been planning a horseback riding trip to Arkansas and are waiting to hear if he got leave or not. Well, yesterday afternoon he called me at work, sounding somewhat depressed. He said “Hey, it looks like I’ll be...
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    Need help from you Movie Buffs

    Ok all you movie buffs, here is what I’m looking for. There was movie, probably made in the late 60’s or 70’s. The setting was in the 50’s. I can’t remember if it was in color or not, but I’m leaning toward color. The movie had to do with 6 or 8 friends (boy and girls). They were either in...
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    Amazing Mural

    The link is to a mural. Look at each is it's own picture! Beautiful If the link does not work, can someone make it work?