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    Samson is home!!!!

    Our little Samson finally came home last Friday. We brought him home in our XLarge pet carrier. I love how smart he is, so calm and mellow and love hearing him bray when he sees people. Please excuse my work clothes. My younger sister and brother with Samson.
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    Our Equine Affaire Surprise!!!!

    We went to the Equine Affaire last thursday. My Mom and myself saw a beautiful baby white frosted mini donkey jack for sale. Instant love !!! Later that evening while we were seated in the stands waiting for the extreme Cowboy Race to start (you have to get there at least an hour before it...
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    Newest member to the family

    This is Joe he is an American Bashkir Curly. We added him to the family on friday. He is just a mass of curls. My sister is the one in all the pics with him.
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    Anyone going to Equine Affaire?

    Just wondering if anyone is going to Equine Affaire. I am going for three of the days. Stef
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    My new mare!

    I would like to introduce my new mare Iles Apache Miss Kitty. She is a 3 years old and 36 1/2". Thanks Dawn and Tommy of Lost Spoke Miniatures for my new girl I love her !
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    Body clipped Happy!

    I body clipped my boy Happy . I can't believe how different he looks. The first pic is from a couple of weeks ago. C Chief Proud Eagle Before After Sorry about the bad quality of the first pic, it was the only one I had ofhim standing still .
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    Is their any way to get this mares papers

    Hi I am trying to see if their is any way I can get this mares papers . My Dad bought her for my Mom as a present. But the lady he bought her from only had a copy of the papers. Her name is Painted Desert Macho Evita, and I found on the AMHA stubbook she was last owned by Eileen M Higgins. I was...
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    Clipped a little on my stallion.

    Yesterday I clipped my stallion's head and a little of his neck. I just love his face. C Chief Proud Eagle Sorry about the angle on this one. I just love the look on his face.
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    Equine Affaire

    I was just wondering if anybody was going to Equine Affaire in pomona next week. I am going and have been planning this trip for months. I can hardly wait.
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    Some recent pics of my horses.

    Hey thought I might share some recent pics I have taken of my horses. Here are our mares just hanging out. Evita and Rosie Mariah Annie Sky my gelding. Thunder our 28" stallion. Taking a good picture of a black horse is near impossible I think. Thunder agian just before he...
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    Let my new guy out to stretch his legs.

    Thought I would share some pictures I took of Happy when I let him out for a run last night. First thing he does is roll of course since he was clean. I am sooo in love with this guy.
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    My new stallion has arrived!

    I am soooo excited my new stallion C Chief Proud Eagle arrived today and I am totally in love with him . Here he is getting off the trailer.
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    updated pictures of our 08 filly.

    Hi I just thought I would show you guys a few pictures I took of our filly "Shilo" tonight. Please excuse how dirty she is keeping her clean is impossible. Then she diecide the bucket need to be killed.
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    Hi I was just wondering who you guys would recomend for shipping a horse. I have never done it and I need help. Thanks Stef
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    Some pics of my horses.

    Hi thought I would share some pictures of my horses. Mariah Sky Annie Rosie Sorry about how many pictures there are got a litttle carried...
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    Our 08 Filly.

    Here is our first filly for this year Shilo. Sire: NXS Encore This Dam:Painted Desert Macho Evita
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    Color question?

    Hi new to the forum so I'm not sure if I did this right. I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what color my gelding sky is. His sire is a palomino near leopard appaloosa, and his dam is a blue roan appaloosa. He has alot of mottling on his skin, white hooves, and his eyes are...