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    Champagne Miniatures?

    Wow, they are all just so gorgeous. And the combination of Silver and Champagne on Black is very striking!
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    Sick mini foal!! UPDATED WITH PICS

    Ow! Poor little girl! I am glad she is feeling better and improving though. Many wishes for a fast and complete recovery.
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    Neverending Saga: Paranoid and Stupid Horse Mommy

    Oh my, they certainly do make life interesting, don't they?
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    Ok you young people!

    Hopefully my eggs will be hatching soon.
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    Sick mini foal!! UPDATED WITH PICS

    Poor little baby. I'm glad to hear she's doing better.
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    Ok you young people!

    It is funny that I want to create a "purebred breeding program" for my little dragons?
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    Ok you young people!

    I actually saw the eggs on this forum, got intrigued and joined! It is just a fun little game and I wanted to see if I could get myself a few dragons. I've always thought they were neat.
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    Champagne Miniatures?

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.
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    So appauled! Why do some breeders do this!!!arh!

    How very, very irresponsible of that breeder. There is really no excuse for something like that. If you can tell at a glance the resulting foal is a dwarf, they should at the very least no longer be breeding them to each other. Preferably they should not be breeding that mare and stallion...
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    Champagne Miniatures?

    What a pretty girl! Thank you for sharing her.
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    Real (english) shetlands...

    Wow, he's a handsome guy! I think the American Shetlands are beautiful, but they tend to be very horse-like to me (which is not bad of course, just different). I admit I have a soft spot for the "cute and cuddly" and very "pony" look of the British Shetlands.
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    Wow, what a knockout! Congrats to everyone!
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    Champagne Miniatures?

    I love Champagne in all its forms and combinations. If you have a Champagne Miniature, please show them off here! I would love to see them.
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    New minis

    I cannot wait to see them. I hope they arrive soon.
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    Horse Owner Opinions Needed

    I agree with everyone else. I would never expect my farrier or vet to come and catch my horses! It is my job as the owner to present them with a clean, caught, trained horse standing in a good place for them to do their job. I cannot imagine just tossing a vet or farrier a lead rope and going...
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    Reece family Miniature Horse Sale
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    Real (english) shetlands...

    I think the American version of Shetlands is beautiful in their own way. They are flashy and gorgeous. The Classics are my personal favorites. However, when I think "Shetland", the first image that pops into my head is the small, sturdy little British version. The first time I rode it was a...
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    Color Testing

    I have a few questions about color testing in horses. What colors tests are available and who offers them? How accurate are color tests? I have heard that some of the tests are not 100% accurate? Are there different ways to test for a color (aside from breeding)?
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    Has anyone tried Paddock Paradise with their minis?

    What an interesting concept! I've never heard of it before but it sounds wonderful, like it would be very beneficial to the horses and is easy enough to maintain. And looking at it, I bet even if you had relatively flat ground, you could create some "obstacles" for the horses. A few low hills...