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    Clipper brand/type recommendations?

    Hey all. After losing my sweet riding horse to colic a month ago, I came to the realization I would not be getting another full sized horse but rather focus on my mini and driving. So! I have been doing a MASSIVE tack room clean out, selling 12yrs worth of "Wow, I collected a lot of stuff for...
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    Just 4mos post op from brain surgery: Our first driving show! (Pics, of course!)

    Four months ago, I was 3000 miles from home, about to entrust my skull and its precious cerebellar contents with a world-renowned brain surgeon. My condition (Chiari Malformation type 1, in which the back of the brain herniates down out of the skull and into the spinal column) was causing...
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    After a long, long time...I'm back, with a new life

    It has been ages since I've been here. Hello again, everyone. A little over a decade ago (2004), I found my first (and still only) mini via this community. Firefly is still with us, 16 years old and still every bit of the fiery red headed mare. My life has turned upside-down, though, as...
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    Seeking guidance on finding a SoCal driving trainer

    Hello everyone! It's been ages, and it's been a fantastic series of stories, but that will need to wait for another thread. We would like to train our 13yro division B mini "Firefly" to drive. She had a ton of groundwork done back before I bought her in 2004 (she's been a companion horse, and...
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    Can't move Firefly to her new home tomorrow--they're evacuating!--UPDATE SHE'S HOME NOW! PICS ADDED

    Holy frijole! We were going to deliver Firefly to her new home with a therapy program in Anaheim Hills tomorrow, but I just got a call from the program director. The fires are too close, too unpredictable, and too out of control--they're evacuating the horses. Hopefully Firefly will go this...
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    Need help rehoming my special-needs mini in SoCal--UPDATE! *AWESOME* HOME FOUND! :D

    Hello all. It's been ages since I've posted around here...and what brings me back is sad news. I emailed the SoCal CMHR contact person, but haven't heard back from her. FTR--in case it isn't obvious, I don't want money for Firefly; I just want a good home. Here is what I emailed her...
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    Just a lil' update

    When I first visited these boards, I made my introductions in this forum. I was looking for a mini suitable for a program that would introduce underprivileged youths for teens. I was willing to take horses with minor health problems--temperment was my primary concern. Well! As many may know...
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    Looking for a mini for a SoCal youth program

    Hello! My name is Laura and I'm a junior high math/science teacher in Southern California. I currently have one horse, a very sweet Arabian named Ferrana (thus my screenname). She is my pleasure and local-show horse--and a very well-cared for pet. Next year I plan on starting an equestrian...