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  1. Flyin G Farm

    Our 2015 Foals ~ Flyin' G Farm

    We are so pleased with our 2015 foals by Sundance LB Assured, who is the sire of many champions including SMO Bolero De Suerte. First is Flyin Gs Assured Malibu Barbie, a palomino filly out of Flyin Gs American Beauty (daughter of Little Kings Buckeroo God). Next is Flyin Gs Charming Im...
  2. Flyin G Farm

    Flyin' G Farm ~ 2015 Due Dates

    Hi Everyone! We are hoping to get our cams up and running this weekend. For now, we will likely just have 2 up and running, and will add 4 more a little later. The first 2 on camera will be: Flyin Gs American Beauty (aka "Chloe"), palomino AMHA/AMHR mare ~ 300 days on February 9th, 330 on...
  3. Flyin G Farm

    Baile ~ Flyin' G Farm ~ 330 Days on May 27th

    Hi everyone! We had a bit of a break, but I will be putting Baile under camera hopefully tonight. I don't think she is ready yet, she still has a ways to go bag-wise, but figured we might as well start keeping a closer eye on her. Her name is CLC Baile Del Sol, she is ASPC/AMHR registered, a...
  4. Flyin G Farm

    Late Payments - what would you do?

    I have a horse sold on payments. The horse has not left my possession. I do have a contract in place with payments due the 15th of each month, with a 5 day grace period. 2/3 of the payments I have had to send reminders of the last day in the grace period. So here we are, the 19th, and still...
  5. Flyin G Farm

    Polly (3/23); Teaka (3/23); Buffy (3/16???) @ Flyin' G Farm

    Hi guys! I thought I should add a post here also for my girls. We are on marewatchers this year. The link to our cam is We have 4 mares due this year and I currently have 3 on camera. First is Southwind Forever Yours ("Buffy"), a sorrel sabino...
  6. Flyin G Farm

    AMHA Lookup...pretty please :)

    I just realized my AMHA studbook subscription ran out and I need to send in some paperwork to AMHA today...can someone look up the registration number for Little Americas Soshowme Buckeroo...pretty please Thanks! Tracy
  7. Flyin G Farm

    Flyin' G Farm Cam Up & Running!

    Hi Everyone! We have 4 mares on camera right now. They were all hand bred in early May of last year, however my friend (which is where the mares were for breeding) also decided to turn the mares out with each stallion until the end of May, and then 2 of them also went back out with the...
  8. Flyin G Farm

    Pacific Crown 8th Area Classic ~ May 20-22nd!

    We have WAIVED post entry fees and are STILL accepting entries for the Pacific Crown 8th Area Classic May 20-22nd in Spanaway, Washington! Are you looking for those HOF points? Wanna win some money back with your yearlings in the NW Breeder's Cup? We are offering nice awards, we are signed...
  9. Flyin G Farm

    ASPC look-up

    I was wondering if someone could look up Vickies Kewpie Doll (ASPC #148119A). I'm looking for her pedigree and I'd also like to know if she has any registered foals. Thank you in advance! Tracy
  10. Flyin G Farm

    VERY Excited...New Addition!!!

    Well, we've finally taken the "plunge" and have now added a gorgeous ASPC/AMHR yearling colt to our herd. We will be picking him up from Nationals and I couldn't be more excited to finally meet him in person! He is sired by Wall Street Rock E Rock on and he is out of Wall Street Admirals...
  11. Flyin G Farm

    Pacific Crown Show Premium Available!

    The show premiums are available for the Pacific Crown 8th Area Classic May 21-23rd in Spanaway, Washington. Our judges will be Gary Nickerson, Karen Iverson and Roger Eitel. In addition to offering Supreme classes and a Champion of Champions class, a huge amount of performance classes, we are...
  12. Flyin G Farm

    AMHA Look-up....

    I have looked on horsestudbook online...but could someone look up Hells Canyon Pharaohs Sahara on the AMHA studbook and see if she has any registered foals? THANK YOU!!! Tracy
  13. Flyin G Farm

    We're FINALLY Done Foaling at Flyin' G Farm!

    We are FINALLY done foaling…and we’re very pleased with all of our foals this year. Flyin G’s Midnight On Broadway (aka “Moose”), bay AMHR Colt sired by Spirit Thunders Broadway Express, a son of Mountain Meadows D’s American Express who also is a BOB grandson. Moose’s dam is a Bond bred mare...
  14. Flyin G Farm

    When Moose Attacks!!!

    I came home tonight to find my hubby had been out taking pictures...he could hardly wait for me to see them. There are A LOT of pictures so I'm just going to attach a couple to this is the link if you'd like to be entertained a little more...
  15. Flyin G Farm

    Area VIII National Show - PLEASE READ!

    There were some classes that were requested after the class list had been sent out and uploaded to the website. The REVISED class list is being uploaded to tonight and I will also be sending out an email attaching the updated class list to everyone I had previously sent it...
  16. Flyin G Farm

    More Foals for Flyin' G Farm!

    We are very excited to annouce our 2nd, 3rd and 4th foals born! Our 2nd foal of the year is a bay filly born April 15th sired by Spirit Thunders Deja Vudoo and out of Sacred Hawks Bay Brandy, both very loud appaloosas. There isn't a speck of white on this little girl, but that's OK, she's very...
  17. Flyin G Farm

    Area VIII National Show

    AREA VIII NATIONAL SHOW May 29-31, 2009 Spanaway, Washington Hosted by Pacific Crown Shetland Pony & Miniature Horse Club The Show Premium is now available online at Please email [email protected] if you would like the show premium emailed or mailed to you. We are...
  18. Flyin G Farm

    1st foal for Flyin' G Farm!

    Our first foal was finally born March 23, 2009 just after 9 pm...a LEGGY bay colt with a star. His dam is FLF Stormys Midnight Sonata and he is the first foal by Spirit Thunders Broadway Express, who is a son of Mountain Meadows D's American Express. We are very pleased with him So here he...
  19. Flyin G Farm

    AMHA Number Look-up

    I recently sent in paperwork for Rowbuck Buck A Luck By George to AMHA...and they should have everything they need...FINALLY! LOL...and unfortunately I didn't sign my stallion report so when they returned it they listed his AMHA registration number...and like a ding dong...I forgot to write it...
  20. Flyin G Farm

    AMHA Lookup...

    Could someone look up Lucky Four Links Goldstrike for me on the AMHA studbook...I'm looking for extended pedigree. Thanks! Tracy