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  1. Brooke S.

    When is a stallion too old to breed?

    I know this is a really newbie question... but here goes! I'm trying to plan for my 2016 breeding season, and I want to breed one of my mares to someone else's stallion. But he's 18 years old! Since I'm a newbie I have no idea if this is too old to really have a high chance of breeding my...
  2. Brooke S.

    2014 Maple Hollow Foaling--Belle**FILLY!!!!! 6/14****

    Gorgeous little guys! Thanks for the update!
  3. Brooke S.

    Kita's foaling thread *Updated pictures Sep 4. New clipped baby pics =)

    Oh he is just gorgeous! Congratulations on such a handsome little boy!
  4. Brooke S.

    Ruby's foaling thread

    He is just too adorable! I am so glad that both him and his mother survived that bumpy beginning...And that they are both healthy and happy! You've done an Excellent job with those two.
  5. Struttin' Wi De Stars

    Struttin' Wi De Stars

    This is Star...the granddaughter of Sierra Dawn UNO De Mayo! She is such a sweet girl, and will be having her first foal in 2015. So excited to see what she produces!
  6. New mini mare Star

    New mini mare Star

    Just a few pictures of my new miniature mare Struttin' Wi De Stars, aka Star. She is a 3 year old pinto, 31" tall and her Grandsire is the one and only Sierra Dawn UNO De Mayo! This little girl is a sweetie pie!
  7. Brooke S.

    Post/Share your 2014 Mini Horse Foals - Photos & Videos Welcome!

    Cute little guys! Thanks for sharing everyone!
  8. Brooke S.

    Stallion color

    My mare Lacy has a similar coat too.
  9. Brooke S.

    Missy&Rory Update - 8 Weeks old!

    Wow, his is BIG!! Good job with both of them MissysMum!
  10. Brooke S.

    new mare Rosie due any day

    Oh My GOODNESS!!! Congratulations!!! She is a CUTIE PIE!! So glad to see she is healthy and all went well! Love the name too!!
  11. Brooke S.

    new mare Rosie due any day

    She is looking really close!!!
  12. Brooke S.

    Crystals foal thread. [New pics 6/17]

    She looks pretty much the same....poor girlie! Is there any change in attitude or appetite?
  13. Brooke S.

    new mare Rosie due any day

    She looks like she is about to BUST!! Come on Rosie!!
  14. Brooke S.

    new mare Rosie due any day

    She is looking super close! I'll let the more experienced people answer the discharge question....But I think it could mean that she will foal soon! Watch her really close tonight!!