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  1. shazzyear

    Last foal for us and its a filly

    Sue had her filly last nite, she is a very cute black n white.
  2. shazzyear

    we had 3 more foals here

    here are pics of the 3 new babys. 2 mares are my late son's that past away in Oct. This is Jade's 1st foal ans she gave us a very nice filly. Tequila had a very sharp colt and Lil Girl had a colt Jade is my sons very first mini he showed her in 4-h, state fair did very well with her...
  3. shazzyear

    our first foal of the year

    Here is my new baby boy, born this morning, he is 22" tall
  4. shazzyear

    My last 2 mares foaled last nite

    Our maiden mare foaled last nite before i went to work ( i was on midnites this week.) she had no problems foaling. she is a very good mom. here is Candy & her new colt. Then i got home this morning at 6:30 am & found my last mare had a filly. This is what she gave me. i am pleased...
  5. shazzyear

    Not my Year

    This is not my year. i have been watching a maiden mare since she has been bagged up since Feb. ( could be due from Mar to June. ) One of my other mares that was not due til June foaled this morning -- the colt never got out of the sac. she foaled at 309 days. i hope the other 3 mares foals...
  6. shazzyear

    We lost a mini mare today, Plus had another surprize

    We lost a mini mare today when i was at work. she died giving birth, the foal never made it out. here is Mercedes. On a better note, another mare that was not close to foaling gave birth last nite to a very nice filly. here is the new filly
  7. shazzyear

    first 2 foals for me.

    here are my 2 new foals. 1. Twist was born Apr. 11 2. Moonshine was born Apr. 21.
  8. shazzyear

    Mini's & goats

    Someone asked about goats & mini's. My goats do good with my mini's. the nannys dont chew there tails, but this is what the baby goats do to at least my Granny mare. she does not mind them ( i think i will have to watch the baby goats for tail chewing when they get older. )
  9. shazzyear

    Last 2 foals

    here is the last 2 of my foals. Conquistador's Totonka was born 5-28-09 he was 21" tall at birth. and this is Pride's Black Peral. she was a month early. she was 23" tall at birth.
  10. shazzyear

    new mare, what color is she

    i am getting ready to transfer my new mare's papers & need to change her color. she is down as a sorrel pinto, she is not a sorrel. i am guessing a smokey black, or buckskin may be a little bit of silver too. what do you think? her dam is a buckskin pinto & her sire is a silver dapple...
  11. shazzyear

    Another Filly for us,

    our maiden mare had a filly this afternoon. she does look like a dwarf to me & she her front legs are not straight. she is only 16" tall. this is our 4th live filly this year.
  12. shazzyear

    Another Filly for me & she is a Beauty

    Here is my new filly. she is out of my black & white mare & by a black & white stud.
  13. shazzyear

    Easter Filly

    Mercedes had her foal last nite on Easter. here is the new bay pinto filly. Mercedes is 30" & filly is about 21" tall. Dam Sire
  14. shazzyear

    2 foals in less than 24 hours

    the first filly was born yesterday evening, while my son was doing the feeding. she is a very cute about 20" tall & a 7" cannon bone. mare was at 329 days. looks like she has 3 high white stocking, sire is a pinto. the 2nd was born sometime in the early morning, mare was...
  15. shazzyear

    showing 4-h halter class, what kind of halter should we use?

    My son shows his mini filly in production in 4-h & he shows in western cloths. What kind of halter should we use? we have been using a western / quater type halter, but i was thinking on getting a cable / arab halter. what is best for his western colths? thank you for helping us out.
  16. shazzyear

    Last foal for us

    Finally our maiden mare had her foal, she has been bagged up since April. she has a very small bay filly. text book delivery
  17. shazzyear

    Another foal, colt.

    here is the new colt. he is red with some roaning. ( dam is a silver bay roan & sire is a silver bay appy.) she has him at 315 days. no problems, Thank God be cause i missed it. i am still waiting on 1 more mare. here is pics of a filly i sold the mare in foal.
  18. shazzyear

    another filly here

    here is our new filly born 5-27-08. dam is a grullo, 36" tall & sire is a silver bay 29.5" tall the filly is 22" tall. looks like she is a silver dapple. we are calling her Phoebe. plus it looks like my maiden is close to foaling, thanks to the Crayon Box site & the photos, i think my...
  19. shazzyear

    4 new foals

    1st was a black stud colt, the 2nd was a silver dapple colt, 3rd was a bay filly & the 4th is a filly not sure on the color.
  20. shazzyear

    Granny Foaled

    Granny foaled at 3 pm today. she had a filly. the filly was up & standing in 30 mins, looking for the milk bar. 2 hours later she is running & bucking.