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  1. Kelly

    Importance of companionship

    How important is companionship to your horse? Does your horse need another horse? Would a goat or sheep be ok? Is being across the fence from another horse enough? Every horse is different but what is your experience? When we moved here a year ago my neighbors horse Doc, her other 2 horses had...
  2. Kelly

    Filly or colt?

    You know that foal mouthy behavior when the open & close their mouth? As if they are saying Im no threat, I don’t cause any harm, I’m a baby! Well all my little boys have done that in the past from time to time. My new filly has NEVER done that! Even when she comes nose to nose with my HUGE...
  3. Kelly

    💕 Baby Nova’s Cuteness Journal 💕

    A few days before Nova was born hubby and I were sitting at the table chatting with Bob (my 80 y/o father-in-law). Nancy (my 80 y/o mother-in-law) sister was not doing well at the time so Nancy was on the phone discussing arrangements with her family. This prompted me to asked Bob where he was...
  4. Kelly

    Fun Horse Facts

    In references to miniature horses according to Wikipedia, “The oldest living horse on record was a miniature horse affected by dwarfism named Angel who lived with the Horse Protection Society of North Carolina and lived to be over 50.” WOW! There is hope for my dwarf Thunder! 💕 I keep telling...
  5. Kelly

    Poo Poo Crazy

    I know some of y’all will POO POO my CRAZY idea but here is what I’m thinking…. A team of minis pulling a bike! I know and I’ve read that 4 wheelers are a preferred method of travel when driving pairs… but get this… a 2 wheel light weight bike! Easy to assemble/disassemble, fits in my van...
  6. Kelly

    Towing Capacity

    This is fun! I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days now and I want to see what y’all’s experience is. I have high hopes for Stormy, HIGH HOPES I tell ya!! 😍😍 he is just such a chill horse! I know some people prefer the B size minis for driving but why can’t an A size mini keep...
  7. Kelly

    Stop Showing

    When should people stop showing? I thought this might be kinda fun, funny, and truthful all at the same time. If you have any tips on when people should stop showing or when people should change their focus back to the horse and the fun of the sport, please post them here. * If you aren’t...
  8. Kelly

    2022 Clippings

    Let’s see your 2022 clips!
  9. Kelly

    Heart Horse

    Do you have a Heart Horse? What makes your Heart Horse your Heart Horse? How many Heart Horses have you had? 💕💕💕
  10. Kelly

    AMHR Blinders Required?

    When showing at an AMHR show, are blinders required in obstacle driving class? If so, where EXACTLY did you find that in the rulebook? On what page? Dont show? That’s ok too, help me out and look in the rulebook to see what you think...
  11. Kelly


    Post your cool obstacles here! My little boys just got a brand new Teeter Totter! So they had some Tetter Totter Training Today! Say that 3 times 🤣🤣
  12. Kelly

    Stare Mare Stare

    How do you stare at your mare stare?? 🤣🤣🤣 What I mean is how do your cameras work in your barn? How do you connect to Wi-Fi? Do you run a long cable or have a separate modem in the barn? I’m trying to figure out how to set up cameras in my barn so I can have a colic cam, but am brain storming...
  13. Kelly


    What’s your favorite online store for horsey gifts? I’m not talking about stuff for your horse, such as tack or barn equipment, I’m talking about goodies for you: sweatshirts, socks, purses, mugs, jewelry, home decor…. mine is… I tried ordering 2 sweatshirts...
  14. Kelly

    Go AWAY!

    🤣 🤣
  15. Kelly

    Palo Duro Canyon

    What kind of food do you take with you on your horse camping trips? Do you cook over a campfire? Or stove? Or are ya like me and use a microwave? 🤣 I guess a microwave would be called glamping ?! LOL 💕 Ive just started thinking about the food I will be taking with me on my 5 day Palo Duro...
  16. Kelly

    Miniature Horse Camp

    The first day of horse camp went great! The boys were a little spunky but the girls handled them perfectly! Day 2 of Christmas Camp is tomorrow. I did get some complaints and whines, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE LAST DAY OF CAMP IS TOMORROW!!??” And another little gal informed me that...
  17. Kelly

    April 2022 Anyone going to this?? Looks like lots of fun! I’ll be there, not sure exactly when yet. This is one of the many trips I’m planning for next year. I’ll be staying a couple of nights, wanna meet me there??
  18. Kelly

    Christmas 2021

    Post your family Christmas photos here!!
  19. Kelly


    Did y’all see this horse challenge on FB?? I sent them a message asking if I could drive instead of ride and they said YES! The challenge is to ride/drive your horse for 120 days. It has to be something that gets them in shape or training/learning, so roller skating/blading might count 🤷🏻‍♀️...
  20. Kelly

    Thunder Cycle or Aerocrown??

    Ok, I got to thinking about Thunder’s upcoming training. We are working on ground driving now and he is doing AMAZING! .… and of course roller skating - he is a pro there too…. 😊 but come spring/early summer I plan to hook him up to the cart. I am just not sure which cart I should hook him up...