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  1. Bassett

    Hot Button in E-Mail

    Can someone tell me how to make a hot button in an e-mail? Please. I used to know how but forgot. I now have windows 7. Anyone?
  2. Bassett


    Does anyone have a Roku (hook up to tv) that you use for movies and tv shows. I guess you can cancel cable? You do need wifi, which I have. Also can you get fox news because I don't want to live without my political news. Anyone have or know about it please respond.
  3. Bassett

    Free Website

    My granddaughter gave me this web site for free reading. I have the kindle Fire. You can even write your own stories the way it sounds and submit them. I haven't done anything yet but she reads on her I Pod all the time. Website is Sounds like a good thing.
  4. Bassett

    What are your thought, please?

    I have a wonderful neighbor and friend who has a beautiful thoroughbred horse. Destiny is a high strung horse and because of lack of association with her owner has gone backward for a time. Friend has MS and is in a wheel chair. She can stand and walk for very short periods of time, with a...
  5. Bassett

    I made a delicious salad yesterday

    Bite size pieces of broccoli and cauliflower, grated cheddar cheese and fried crumbled bacon. Make a dressing of 1/4 cup sugar ( I use Splenda because of my diabetes), 1/3 cup miracle whip and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. It was so good yesterday and just as good today. Try it.
  6. Bassett

    Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARNIE. I LOVE YOU. I hope you have a wonderful day
  7. Bassett

    Did you see

    in the LA River. Absolutely fantastic. I've never seen anything like it. That poor dog was so tired, scared, and any thing else you can imagine. They tried everything they could think of but finally a guy dropped from a helicopter and did get the dog who was biting and struggling because he...
  8. Bassett

    Rust on dishes

    I have corelle dishes for my dinnerware. Over the years from using a dishwasher with not so good water they have a lot of rust spots on them. Is there anything that you know of to get it off. I've tried all the standards like lemon juice and salt and different things like that. Any suggestions?
  9. Bassett

    Does anyone know what to do

    I don't get the dreaded red x. I get the whole thing in a big red square. Any ideas why?
  10. Bassett

    Happy Birthday, Jill

    Have a wonderful birthday Jill. You really deserve a nice day after the things you were through last year. Just think the start of a wonderful New Year by having a birthday that WILL be wonderful. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  11. Bassett

    My Daisy

    When I bake she is always right up on a chair by the cupboard watching me just like my Grandchildren used to do. And I admit it she gets to lick the bowl and the beaters if it isn't chocolate. When she sees or hears the beaters she comes running. Well I was just watching Guys Big Bite on the...
  12. Bassett

    Anyone have someone one stuck in an airport

    Our oldest son Randy is stuck in Denver heading for Minneapolis. He was supposed to be in Minneapolis at 11:30 this morning. Called me at 7:00 and said he was stuck in Denver until 5:00 this afternoon. Just heard on tv that 150 flights have been canceled in Minneapolis. I don't know if that...
  13. Bassett

    Cute Story, I think so anyway

    had his first stroke 19 years ago. Then a person most always has mini strokes thereafter. Most of them you don't even know are happening. So his mind has been going downhill for years. He is 81 years old and in the nursing home with dementia. He got a room mate last week and the first...
  14. Bassett

    Anyone on here have Diabetes

    I have diabetes and am on medicare and just got a form in the mail from my pharmacist telling me that medicare says I can only test my blood sugars once a day because it is all they will pay for. HUH??? My doctor says I should test twice a day. Did anyone else get this? I really think our...
  15. Bassett

    Dehydrator. Who has them?

    I'm going to start dehydrating fruits and vegetables and make beef jerky. I'm wondering how do you store your products after you have dried them. My book says to store them in the refrigerator or freeze them. Then what is the sense of dehydrating? I don't have an extra freezer and I doubt...
  16. Bassett

    Pot Stickers

    I want to try these. Little steamed dumplings made in wonton wrappers. Does anyone have a good recipe for fillings. The one I have is shrimp and scallions and it does not call my name. I want something really really good. I'm hoping someone can help me.
  17. Bassett


    Jill has me convinced I need a small aquarium. My questions is. Can I use city water that smells like bleach in it? My water has a strong smell. If you let it set the smell disappears and when you drink it, it is fine. I'm just wondering if it would be safe for fish. If not what kind of...
  18. Bassett

    Cheyennes mini meat pies

    Made them last night. Big hit. Thanks, Cheyenne.
  19. Bassett

    My whole life as changed

    Last May the town where my husband is in the nursing home opened an antique shop. I stopped one day and made arrangements to sell on consignment. Well I have almost 1000 items in there now and Jen and I have great rapport going. We both just really, really enjoy each other. She is only 32 to...
  20. Bassett

    Happy Birthday

    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a special lady on here have a birthday today? If she does-------- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTY. HAVE A GOOD ONE YOU LITTLE FIRECRACKER.