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  1. normajeanbaker

    Anyone know the Whereabouts of 2 horses?

    Just curious if anyone knows the whereabouts of 2 horses. The papers were never updated on atleast the stud. Just curious if anyone knows who has them currently. One is Westwind Desperado(HOF)-#50126B. He is a stallion. The other is a mare named Bertrands Sassafrass-#75640B. Both AMHR...
  2. normajeanbaker

    Anyone recognize this horse??

    Anyone recognize this boy? Hopefully the pictures attached ok. We are thinking someone must know who he is. His papers may have been lost, or maybe paperwork never submitted. He has turned out to be a great little performance horse, and we want papers on him to do some rated shows. If we can't...
  3. normajeanbaker

    Does anyone know who this mini belongs to?

    That would be my little beast who is in my avatar :-) Thank you SOOOOO much!!!! I will send you a PM with my mailing address :-) Thanks so much!!! Jen
  4. normajeanbaker

    Cocosoya Oil

    Hello. I just purchased Cocosoya oil to use as a coat supplement this show season. I did a search on here, but can't really find an answer to my question. The dose listed on the jug for a full sized horse is anything from 1-8 ounces a day. I am looking to use it as a coat supplement, not for...
  5. normajeanbaker

    HOF Points question

    Quick question on HOF points for AMHR. For driving, is it just the Open and Stake classes that count towards your HOF, or do the Youth classes count as well? Thanks! Jen
  6. normajeanbaker

    Purina Mini & Pony Feed question

    I have a Mini filly who was born in May of this year. She is as picky as they come when it comes to grain. She hates sweet feed, is picky on pellets, etc. All our other Mini's eat the Purina Mini and Pony feed and have done very very well on it. Has anyone had any success feeding this grain to...
  7. normajeanbaker

    Looking for pictures...

    Thanks so much :-)
  8. normajeanbaker


    I haven't read this whole thread, but my friend just treated her full sized horse for Ulcers. Instead of Gastroguard, the vet suggested 1 gallon of Aloe Vera juice and 42 crushed Prilosec pills in the gallon of Juice. They have had a huge amount of luck with this mixture. Scoped horses after...
  9. normajeanbaker

    Looking for pictures...

    We are doing a Miniature Horse tent/display at the local Fair next month. We have a large display board in the tent that we like to put information on the Miniature Horse and pictures of them doing things other than showing. Anyone have any pictures they wouldn't mind us using? Nursing home...
  10. normajeanbaker


    The mare in my Avatar does not sweat and never has since she was born. I have tried Once AC, the Finish Line brand product, dark ale beer, electrolytes. You name it, we have tried it! Nothing has worked. I had her Thyroid tested a few years ago and it was VERY low, the lowest reading my vet had...
  11. normajeanbaker

    round bale holders??

    Here is the homemade round bale feeder that Sundancer was referring to. You can easily remove one side to roll the bale in, and we just scoop up whatever they pull off the bale and put it back into the box. We are on our 2nd bale with no waste at all. We cover it with a tarp at night.
  12. normajeanbaker

    Doing your own shots

    Anyone ever ordered from They have the IN Strangles in individual doses, instead of the 10 dose vile. I don't have enough horses to justify the vile. Hard finding the nasal Strangles in individual doses.
  13. normajeanbaker

    Doing your own shots

    Hello. I am looking at doing my own shots this year on my horses. I will have the vet out for Rabies and Coggins, but am looking at doing my own 5-Way, Strangles, and WNV, as it will be a huge savings. HUGE savings. I know Fort Dodge is what my vet uses. However, while doing a search for...
  14. normajeanbaker

    Need some help

    I have one who gets irritated eyes with fly masks, no matter what the brand. I have gone ahead and cut the eye part out and left the ears. worked just fine!
  15. normajeanbaker

    maiden mare sensitve about her udder

    My mare was a witch about touching her belly or udder. I had the same fear about when the baby came. I worried for nothing. Best momma ever Never had a problem. Her baby could do ANYTHING to this mare. Maiden or not, the mother instinct seems to kick in when they foal Jen
  16. normajeanbaker

    Misty G-Driving Video

    HAHA, me too. LOL
  17. normajeanbaker

    Misty G-Driving Video

    I show AMHR, not much AMHA, but for AMHR I'd actually point her towards the wetern Country Pleasure ~Jen~
  18. normajeanbaker

    Mini with EPM

    For Vitamin E, I use a product called Elevate. I get it from Big Dee's. When my horse was at New England Medical and Surgical Center, one of the head vets there was the one who told me Elevate was the best VIt. E supplement you can get. My horse is the most picky eater there is, so it must taste...
  19. normajeanbaker

    Pictures of your 33-34" horses?

    This mare measures 33.5"