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    Swollen Sheath? Overweight mini

    I brought this little guy home from an auction last night. It was a pretty rough auction and only 2 meat buyers bid on him. I couldn’t let him go for meat. He is “somewhat” halter broke as I was able to get him off the trailer and into pen, but terrified of human touch, poor guy. I’m letting...
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    Baby belly part 2

    Hello, I posted back in May about a mare we recently purchased. Long story, but ideally not a great situation she was in. She was kept with a 2 year old stud and her 3 year old daughter that was still nursing…. So as if April 8th her daughter was weaned off of her. Her bag (I’ll insert a photo)...
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    Dried up? Bagging up?

    Hello, It’s a rather long story, but I will try to just stick to the shorter side lol This mare came into our care on May 8th from a woman who got her from a not so ideal situation. To my knowledge food and water was always provided, but no human interaction, farrier or vet care and confined to...
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    Cushing and diet

    Hello, We rescued a mini from auction about 2 months ago. Filled with worms, lice, horrible feet, teeth, and pretty skinny. She is now lice and worm free. Her teeth are done yay!!! Some had to be extracted they were so broken. Feet have been done twice now and getting better slowly. Farrier...
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    Baby belly?

    This is an 8 year old mare we just brought home from a lady who was able to get them out of a not so great of a situation. This mare was being kept in a small area with a 2 year old stud and her 3 year old daughter…who was still nursing off her. ….is this looking like a baby belly? Worm belly...
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    Underweight Mini

    I just “watched” a horse auction on Saturday…I couldn’t let the meat buyer get this poor girl! She’s now in my yard, safe, and our first pony. Her coat hides her pultruding bones. Her feet are horrible. The farrier is booked to come out and I will call the vet tomorrow. I’m hoping it was just...