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    Muscling 3 minis

    I am feeding them Nutrena Horse Feed, Beet Pulp, Tri Ameno, Red Cell pellets, and muscle up. Also, high fiber hay 2x a day. The hay for the boys are fed outside, while there water is inside to be plugged in for the winter. The boys are only 3 and 1 1/2 yrs old. My 7mo filly is in a different pen...
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    Muscling 3 minis

    I am physically disabled and with the bad winter weather coming, How can I put muscle onmy 3 minis without a indoor arena to work them in?
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    Muscling 3 minis

    Mini Muscle training
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    Are you having Rain or Snow this week?

    Its cold here in southeastern Wisconsin. Suppose to be close to 40s tomorrow (Friday), rain and snow Sat into Sunday. Will Spring ever come?