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    First 2013 foal at Rodie's Mini Ranch

    Introducing our first foal for 2013 and its a FILLY. Foaled 3/24. She looks to be solid but out of two heavily appaloosa parents. So who knows what will be come spring!!! She is out of C Spots Justins Fortunate Son (few spot) and Mardi Gras Legacys Firefly. Check my web site for updates!!! Lea...
  2. Z

    Has anyone ever had accupuncture on their dog???

    I have a 7 yr old BC. She was taking seizures a few times a month. My vet put her on Phenobarbitrol(sp). They have been greatly reduced. She just took another seizure on Sunday . It is soooo sad. Anyway, my friend reccomened an accupuncturist to help my dog. She said she has it done to her...
  3. Z

    Please help cat not using litter box

    I volunteer at the local shelter. And when I was thier I saw a cat that looks like the cat I had that passed away. So I had to have her. She is about 5 yrs old, declawed. Well, after the first night I notice she isnt using the litter box. I took her to the vet and she has no health issues. I...
  4. Z

    Need ideas for foster dog

    We do foster work for our local shelter. There is a a pit bull that is in desparate need or fostering. She is on borrowed time. The only way they extented her is bc I said I would foster her. She was found in a basement totally neglected. Anyway, she is as sweet as they come. However, she needs...
  5. Z

    Last Foal @ Rodie's Mini Ranch

    We are proud to annouce our last foal of the season at Rodie's Mini Ranch. He foaled 6/27 to C Spots Justin Fortunate Son aka "Sonny" X Lucky Four Skippa Ultimate Dream He is full of spots and attitude!!! Measuring under 20'' and full of spunk!!! Even bigger news- Sale Pending Hint- This...
  6. Z

    Last foal of the season @ Rodie's Mini Ranch

    Our beautiful mare Lucky Four Skippa Ultamate Dream, was bred June 7th and ran with the stallion until July 20th. This foal is sure to be a show stoper!!!! She was bred to our few cap satllion, C Spots Justin Fortunate Son aka "Sonny". So far Sonny has produced all spotted FILLIES!!!! Lets see...
  7. Z

    Hallie's foaling time @ Rodie's Mini Ranch!!

    Next mare is up to foal and should be on MS soon. Here is a pic I took today. Her last seen bred date was May4th. But ran with the stallion until June 10th. She is getting pretty big and I am gueesing within the next few wks!! Thanks for letting me share!!
  8. Z

    First foal of the season at Rodie's Mini Ranch

    I coudnt ask for a better way to kick off the season. Introducing our newest addition born 2/6 She has generations of appaloosa behind her!!! All app!!! Her sire is C Spots Justins Fortunate Son. Who is a few cap that has sired all fillies (so far) !!! And with color. Her dam is Mardi Gras...
  9. Z

    Greencastle sale

    I havent been thier in yrs and noticed they had an online catalog this yr. How where the prices? Any good horses????
  10. Z

    Fido Fest

    Has anyone heard of Fidoe Fest? We went last wkend. It is huge fair for human and dogs. We had a blast. I attached some picks. I was able to show a local news lady Carl Erikson the tricks my dogs can do. I also had my dog do some agility. And we had a shirt made up with our dogs drving our new...
  11. Z

    Rodie's Mini Ranch Invite you to watch

    Fire Fly is a beautiful appaloosa mare due to foal any day!!! She is bred to my few cap stallion!! We are expecting a beautiful foal. Please feel free to watch. She is usually in the barn by 9 pm est time. And the cam is turned off around 6am. If you see Fire Fly foaling or in harm please call...
  12. Z


    We are expecting a hurricane. Should I bring the horses in the barn or leave them out? I have a mare due to foal. And 3 other mares and a stallion. We are having mandatory evacuation in certain areas!!!!
  13. Z

    Happy Bday to Laurie

    Happy Birthday Hope you had a nice day!!!!!1
  14. Z

    ideas for a case for the Driod 3

    I just ordered the Driod 3. I want to get one of those full proff cases. There are 2 that I know of the Ballistic or the Griffen. But I cant find them for the Driod 3. Any suggestions???
  15. Z

    When will she foal??

    The last date my mare was bred was Oct 3rd. As of today 7/22 she is 292 days in foal.Her previous owner said she usually goes 3 wks earily. Here are a few pics. The pics where taken yesterday. The one is her in the field, right after I walked her outside (doesnt she look happy ). The other is...
  16. Z

    RIP My little Man-Kodie

    Our cat Kodie pasted away Thur. He was 16 yrs old. He was our first pet when we lived in an apartment. We where 2 kids buying him. barely could pay the rent but had to have this cat. He did everyting with us. He has seen so many animals and shared everything with us. We even had him in our...
  17. Z

    Sonny is all grown up lookin good

    Our main stallion at Rodie's Mini Ranch, is our few cap appaloosa, "Sonny". He is all grown up and clipped. Hardshipped in AMHR (already AMHA Reg), produced his first 2 foals this yr (both loud appaloosa fillies ) and tested homozygous for black!!! I just wanted to share and show off his...
  18. Z

    How to remove your name from search engies?

    I want to remove my name is I search it under google or uahoo. Any suggestions?? I have contact the web masters and it is still thier. I am sure thier is software or something I can do!!!!
  19. Z

    Does anyone know how to change info in yahoo mail

    I have a yahoo email account. When ever I send an email my first and last name shows up. I HAVE to change this. I have to do this ASAP!! And if your name appears please change it! There are strange people out thier and use it as a way to get your personal ino!!
  20. Z

    Lazy summer day

    I was outside doing some farm work and found the little guys relaxing. Figured I would call the pic "Lazy Summer Day" Love to see other peoples lazy days O' summer!!