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  1. normajeanbaker

    Anyone know the Whereabouts of 2 horses?

    Just curious if anyone knows the whereabouts of 2 horses. The papers were never updated on atleast the stud. Just curious if anyone knows who has them currently. One is Westwind Desperado(HOF)-#50126B. He is a stallion. The other is a mare named Bertrands Sassafrass-#75640B. Both AMHR...
  2. normajeanbaker

    Anyone recognize this horse??

    Anyone recognize this boy? Hopefully the pictures attached ok. We are thinking someone must know who he is. His papers may have been lost, or maybe paperwork never submitted. He has turned out to be a great little performance horse, and we want papers on him to do some rated shows. If we can't...
  3. normajeanbaker

    Cocosoya Oil

    Hello. I just purchased Cocosoya oil to use as a coat supplement this show season. I did a search on here, but can't really find an answer to my question. The dose listed on the jug for a full sized horse is anything from 1-8 ounces a day. I am looking to use it as a coat supplement, not for...
  4. normajeanbaker

    HOF Points question

    Quick question on HOF points for AMHR. For driving, is it just the Open and Stake classes that count towards your HOF, or do the Youth classes count as well? Thanks! Jen
  5. normajeanbaker

    Purina Mini & Pony Feed question

    I have a Mini filly who was born in May of this year. She is as picky as they come when it comes to grain. She hates sweet feed, is picky on pellets, etc. All our other Mini's eat the Purina Mini and Pony feed and have done very very well on it. Has anyone had any success feeding this grain to...
  6. normajeanbaker

    Looking for pictures...

    We are doing a Miniature Horse tent/display at the local Fair next month. We have a large display board in the tent that we like to put information on the Miniature Horse and pictures of them doing things other than showing. Anyone have any pictures they wouldn't mind us using? Nursing home...
  7. normajeanbaker

    Doing your own shots

    Hello. I am looking at doing my own shots this year on my horses. I will have the vet out for Rabies and Coggins, but am looking at doing my own 5-Way, Strangles, and WNV, as it will be a huge savings. HUGE savings. I know Fort Dodge is what my vet uses. However, while doing a search for...
  8. normajeanbaker

    Double K question

    Does anyone on here change the lever, etc in their Double K clippers on their own without sending them away? Is it difficult? I always send my clippers away to be checked every fall. I didn't this past year, and was getting ready to send them now. However, it costs me almost $200 everytime and...
  9. normajeanbaker

    Multi-Vitamin supplements

    What does everyone use for a Multi-Vitamin supplement for their Mini's? I've used Accel in the past and had the problem that my mare sort of lost her marbles on it. Took her off and she was back to normal. Just curious as to what everyone else uses. I have a mare who is not a big grain eater, so...
  10. normajeanbaker

    AMHR qualification question

    I have a question about the qualifying rules for AMHR Nationals. It says "4 judges at 2 locations". There is a show in June and one in July at the same location. Different judges, I am assuming, and the shows are put on by 2 different clubs. However, both shows happen to be held at the same show...
  11. normajeanbaker

    Happy Birthday Sundancer

    Happy Birthday Mom
  12. normajeanbaker

    neoprene throatlatch sweats

    I am looking to purchase Neoprene Throatlatch sweats(4"), but can't seem to find them! Every place I am looking only offers the ones lined with polarfleece, which I already have. I can't seem to find plain neoprene sweats. Anyone know where to get them? I found one place that carries them, but...
  13. normajeanbaker

    Happy Birthday Bozley!!

    Happy Birthday, Sue! Hope you have a great day!!
  14. normajeanbaker

    Ownership/AOTE question

    I've looked through the AMHA rulebook and cant find the answer to my question. It answers it under the Amateur rules, but says nothing about it under AOTE. Can a horse who is registered under 2 names(worded as an OR between names, not AND) be shown as an AOTE horse if both names on the papers...
  15. normajeanbaker

    Pictures needed

    I am putting together a DVD to play at the local fair, along with a photo display. We do a Miniature Horse display over there for the week and I'd like to do a DVD of pictures of what you can do with a Miniature horse. Does anyone have any Mini Horse racing photos I can use?? I have nursing home...
  16. normajeanbaker


    Can anyone explain the difference to me between crimped oats and rolled oats? Is there any nutritional difference between the 2? Thanks in advance Jen
  17. normajeanbaker

    AOTE Question

    We have always done AMHR shows and this is our first year showing AMHA. Our first AMHA show is in May and I have an AOTE question. My mom has an AOTE Country Pleasure Driving horse. I just want to make sure I am reading the rule right. Because I am a family member, can I show this horse in...
  18. normajeanbaker

    Happy Birthday Sundancer!

    Happy Birthday Mom!!! Love, Jen
  19. normajeanbaker


    Happy Birthday Sue ~Jen~
  20. normajeanbaker

    Before and Afters

    Last August I had an empty stall and decided I wanted a gelding or colt to add to my show string. I already had an under mare, over mare and driving mare. So, it was time to add in a colt or stallion so I could do more then the Mare classes. The breeder we bought our very first Mini from comes...