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    Can metal shafts replace wooden ones? Where is the best place to purchase?

    The shafts my pony cart came with are too long, uneven and I am just not happy with them. They are wooden and I would like to replace them with metal. The shafts attach with three bolts to the metal cart. Is it possible? Any recommendations on a trustworthy source for purchse?
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    Can I shorten wooden shafts?

    My mini came with a harness and cart. I am quickly learning that the set-up isn't optimal for her. The cart shafts are wooden. The rest of the cart is metal. The shafts measure 58 inches and my pony could use a full 10 inches less than that. Any reason why I couldn't cut some length off the back...
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    Greetings from Utah

    Hello! I am brand new to mini's and brand new to driving but not to horses. I just purchased a 5 year old, Amish trained pony with a cart and harness. I have a ton of questions. I fear the setup isn't correct and perhaps the sellers didn't know as much as they thought! I need help!