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  1. trails4jd

    Stud (lead) chain advice

    My quite new 11-12 year old rescue mini had to go to the vet a few days ago. He almost got away from me when the vet's dog jumped out of his vehicle. Then whenever a dog came out of the small animal clinic building he was on high alert. The vet thinks he's been chased by a dog when he and his...
  2. trails4jd

    Training for connection and respect

    I rescued a mini (38" high but the rescue thought he had some pony in him) about a month ago. He wasn't trusting and hated to be approached and have a halter put on him. We've made great strides in accepting the halter. He picks up his feet now without me asking. Basically when he is haltered...
  3. trails4jd

    Horse Wanted Mini/pony wanted in Oregon

    Looking for large mini or pony in Oregon Willamette Valley region. Teens or older for a companion horse.