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  1. dgrminis

    AMHA to AMHR Hardshipping ?

    This is not a horse I own but possibly one I am looking at... If a horse is AMHA registered only and listed as below 34" but when measured is actually over 35" (a true over not just bad measuring) can the horse still be hardshipped into AMHR based on the A papers (except with the correct...
  2. dgrminis

    Kindle Owners ?

    Do any of you have the Kindle Fire? If so I would like some feedback on it and even what you think of it compared to the original Kindle.... I borrowed my mom's original Kindle (the keyboard one with no touchscreen) to see if I would like it for reading as I read alot. I do like it and was...
  3. dgrminis

    Our 2011 foals

    Now that foaling season is over we would like to announce our five 2011 foals. We were blessed with 4 fillies and 1 colt. Silver Black Pinto Filly born 4-14-11 Black pinto filly with one blue eye and Homozygous for Tobiano born 5-15-11 (this is our stallion RJMLightning Flash's first foal)...
  4. dgrminis

    Digital Scrapbooking

    Just wanted to know if anyone does digital scrapbooking and if so if you can recommend a good software to get... My son is already a year and half old and I have been behind since the beginning with his scrapbooking so I thought maybe digital might make it easier for me since I could just click...
  5. dgrminis

    2010 Foals

    I have been waiting to post our foals until they all arrived but the last 2 are keeping me waiting and waiting so thought I would go ahead and share the 3 that we have so far. DGR'S BLUE STEEL (AMHR Pending) was born 4-20-10 and is pictured here on 7-10-10. DGR'S ROOSTER COGBURN (AMHR Pending)...
  6. dgrminis

    AMHR Lookup

    Can someone please look up D.M. Targets Tillie and tell me who the current owner is? Thank you!
  7. dgrminis

    Thanks! Added Pictures

    I was fortunate to become the new home for 3 of the Wauk-A-Way Mares during their dispersal. They have been here since 5-01-10 and are settling in great. I would like to see if they have any foals listed. Wauk-A-Way Rebecca 154472A Wauk-A-Way Dreamy Eyed Girl 151577A Wauk-A-Way Stephanie...
  8. dgrminis

    Fixing tanks that leak?

    I am wondering if there is anything that can be used to fix a tank that has a crack and leaks.. I call them rubber but I am not sure that is actually what they are.. They are the black oval tanks that you can get at TSC or Orschlens.. I think they hold 50 gallons or so. I have 3 of them that...
  9. dgrminis

    Breeding Half Siblings?

    I have a 2009 filly that I am considering keeping back for future breeding stock... But the only stallion I currently own that would be small enough if I ever bred her would be her half brother - same dam, different sire. I know alot can change in the next 3-4 years and at that time I may...
  10. dgrminis

    Clipping Horses -

    I know this has been discussed before so I am sorry for asking... I am in Kansas -- We have temps that vary from one day to the next and Lots of wind..... I have several foals that are pretty shaggy and I am wanting to clip but I want to know what temperature it needs to stay above for me to...
  11. dgrminis


    I recently started one for my website after a lot of requests so people could follow what was going on on the farm... I know I have already become Fans of Erica's and Whinny For Me so I am sure there are others that are doing this as well... Just wanted to check and see who so I can check out...
  12. dgrminis

    Remember A While Back I asked about....

    Well I have received notification that one is COMING to KS... It is awaiting AMHR approval I believe but a friend of mine got together with Area VI and sounds like we will be having a show in Lyons KS June 19th and 20th....The show will have 4 judges (whom are still being hired I believe)...
  13. dgrminis


    I am just curious as to who owns DGR'S FOXY LADY now... She is a 2008 blue roan filly that I sold to a home that was going to show her but as far as I know she never was... When a friend recently inquired about her they were told that she had been sold so I am just curious as to who has her now...
  14. dgrminis

    Dog Breeders

    Where do I get my dog tested for hip/eye certifications? Are there any other things he should be certified for if he were ever going to be used for breeding? He is an AKC chocolate lab.... I am not sure he will ever be used for breeding but we have had several people ask if we would be...
  15. dgrminis


    I am just curious as to why there are no AMHR shows in Kansas? I know there AMHA has several in the state and was just curious if there was any reason that AMHR doesn't? Thanks!
  16. dgrminis

    Baby Monitors?

    I had my son just over a month ago and we bought a "Safety First" baby monitor -- it wasn't too pricey but had good reviews and ratings and had a good range indoor/outdoor.... However it also has a TON of static... No matter where you are or what channel you are on it is VERY staticky... The...
  17. dgrminis

    AMHR ?

    If you can make it so a mare cannot have offspring registered? I am going to e-mail AMHR and ask them but thought I would check on here and see if anyone knew first.. Thank you!
  18. dgrminis

    Buckskin pinto colt

    Here is the latest foal born at our farm. He is a buckskin pinto with 2 smokey blue eyes. His dam is Billie's Bailey Star and his sire is DGR'S Nip Tuck. His dam is homozygous for tobiano so this fella will be getting tested as well. He is going to be "stocky" like his dam as he is built...
  19. dgrminis

    Clipper Blades

    Can someone tell me what the best size blade for "general" clipping is? I don't show but I do like to clip off the yearlings or weanlings this time of year as it gets VERY hot and sometimes they just don't shed as fast... And I also clip bridle paths on all my horses. My clippers came with a...
  20. dgrminis

    What color is he?

    I have a stallion that was born in 2002. He is registered as a black pinto but I don't think he is really black..... He isn't bay either -- I am thinking he must be hiding a color of some sort but I don't know.. He appears black with a sunbleached look but he looks that way YEAR round... He...