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  1. PrettyPonies

    How to train a therapy pony

    I have my 2 month old colt that I would love to train to become a therapy pony to visit nursing homes and children's hospitals. I have been working with him to be ok with getting touched all over, walk on different surfaces, and to be ok with loud/surprise noises. What else should I do to train...
  2. PrettyPonies

    Update on baby Chief :)

    Chief has been doing really good. He will be 4 weeks tomorrow! Mama is doing great and is so patient with this little monster xD Chief made buddies with my on big Boy Scout. As much trouble as this little guy is, he is also the cutest and sweetest little ever!
  3. PrettyPonies

    When/How to wean a colt from mama

    So I know I’m thinking a bit into the future but my mare had a colt Friday morning, and I’m planning on keeping him. How would I go about weaning him (in a few month) if I’m keeping him and I don’t have separate paddocks?
  4. PrettyPonies

    Mini horse name ideas

    My mini mare is going to give birth any day and I need name suggestions, I’m wanting a western/cowboy/Indian name… I was thinking if it’s a colt I could name him (colt) 45, but I feel like I’d have to explain the name to everyone… so I need ideas… also I have no idea for a name for a filly…
  5. PrettyPonies

    Mares resting respiratory rate is elevated

    My very pregnant mare, who’s due to foal any day, has a respiratory rate of 44-60 breaths per minute. Is this something to worry about??? I think it’s because she is so heavily in foal that she has to take smaller breaths but wanted to see what you guys thought! Thanks in advance!
  6. PrettyPonies

    Buckskin or dun???

    So I just recently bought two mini’s a half brother and sister and I don’t know if they are buckskins or duns? I was told that they were buckskins but I’m thinking they’re duns… They are in their full winter coat right now so I don’t know if that makes it harder, the darker on is Nolly and she...
  7. PrettyPonies

    My mare is driving me crazy! xD What do you guys think??

    Hi! I have a mini mare, Shasta, who is due to give birth any day… This is my first horse baby! My mare is 10 years old and she has had one other baby about 4 years ago (before I owned her, I reached out to her old owner but wasn’t able to get more info about her previous pregnancy). I do know...