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  1. dgrminis


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  2. dgrminis

    Buying a mini unseen out of state?

    I have bought from out of state just based on pictures/info and had it work out great and have also had an experience that was not all that pleasant. However you should just go with your gut. If the price is right and you can get a good price on shipping and you like the people and the horses...
  3. dgrminis

    NEW STALLION at ROKO Miniature Horses

    Congrats he is gorgeous!
  4. dgrminis

    IF You Had To Pick Only One: TV, Radio, Internet, or Books?

    I chose books but it was a tough one between that and internet... I almost chose internet because I read alot of books on my kindle so since they are e-books I figured that might count towards internet.... But in reality I could live without internet well before I could live without books to...
  5. dgrminis

    Favorite time/place to read?

    I like to read in the evening -- after I put my son to bed but before I go to bed... But I have been known to get really into a book and realize I have read way past my own bedtime also -- haha I also like to read on weekends when he is napping.. And in the winter I love to snuggled up with a...
  6. dgrminis

    Free Kindle Books

    Thank you for sharing this site -- I just went and downloaded several of the books on the list -- I have read so many books in the year I have had my kindle and all of them have been off the free book list -- have been alot of really good ones that I snagged Tessie
  7. dgrminis

    Free Kindle Books

    Sara -- I love the feel of holding a book - the smell of the paper, just the way it fits in my hands.. I really thought I would have a hard time adapting to my Kindle but I LOVE it... Best part is that if I finish a book I can have another one instantly... I have read so many books on my kindle...
  8. dgrminis

    Christmas Holiday Arrangements

    I like these ones too... You are very creative.
  9. dgrminis

    Christmas Holiday Arrangements

    These are very neat.. Do you take them to craft fairs?
  10. dgrminis

    I am soooooooo excited. I just bought a new filly

    Congrats! Very nice filly!
  11. dgrminis

    I'm Shattered, need comfort

    So very sorry for your loss..
  12. dgrminis

    It was meant to be - New Mare!!

  13. dgrminis

    First National and last year as youth

    Congrats on your placings and on your new horse!
  14. dgrminis

    Got my show gelding!!!! Total suprise!!

    Very pretty gelding... I am sure you will have alot of fun showing him.. He is flashy so should catch some attention
  15. dgrminis

    Which one would you choose?

    hmm.. My first thought was Otter... I love how sweet there are and they are just adorable... I also would love a skunk but they are illegal in KS to have as pets (I realize that wouldn't be an issue with a fantasy though)... But if money/space/temperment were not an issue I would love to have...
  16. dgrminis

    GOT iris flowers? I Do!

    I love Iris -- we have a bunch here (not as many as you though)... I actually have a whole dump bed wagon full that I need to plant but haven't had the time yet I also bought some bright blue ones at the store that I need to plant -- they are very pretty and we didn't have any like that...
  17. dgrminis

    My May Wedding (minis included - AND two forum members!)

    Congrats! Amazing photos and looks like a lovely day!
  18. dgrminis

    Well, it happened...Robin is pregnant. Need a little assistance from the pros.

    Just wanted to say congrats on your upcoming foal.. I would think if she is developing a bag that she will not hold out another 4 months but I guess it is possible. From the front/back shots she still looks very wide but the side shot she does look more dropped. Good luck!
  19. dgrminis

    RIP Valley View Jet Stream

    So sorry for your loss.. Tessie