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  1. Taylor Richelle

    The Walking Dead. Who watches?

    So how many of you like The walking dead? Whos your favorite character? Thoughts on this season?
  2. Taylor Richelle

    Kacy 15 months already!? Pic heavy!

    Most of you will remember my posts on her from last year when I first got her and then some updated pictures in the spring. I haven't posted pictures lately of how she has matured! So here are some shots of my beautiful girl <3
  3. Taylor Richelle

    Kacy, a year old already!

    Most of you might remember me first posting about my dad surprising us by buying a doberman puppy last October. She is our familys 6th doberman (not including puppies from our litters) We had gone almost 5 years without one up until last fall. We already had 3 dogs and I never thought we would...
  4. Taylor Richelle

    Hey facebook people! Can you help me? :)

    Hey guys! Most of you know I love photography, I've posted pictures here before and some of you have already "liked" my page on facebook. Thank you! Anyway I'm five away from reaching my 200 "likes" goal! Very exciting! Is there anyway some of you would be interested in helping me out? It would...
  5. Taylor Richelle

    Conformation/ Opinions please!

    Hey guys, I know I've asked this before but now I have better pictures and I feel like he has matured since last year. Just wanted to see what you guys thought of him. He's not perfect I know that, I'm not barn blind I will however say he has done VERY well for me showing wise, in halter...
  6. Taylor Richelle

    What is your favorite color?

    Thought this would be a fun little topic, not sure if its been done yet but here it goes... What is your favorite color mini? Like if you could design your dream mini what would it be? Whats the one color you seem to have a soft spot for? For me my favorite, not even sure why would be a rich...
  7. Taylor Richelle

    M.T.G and tail bags...

    okay so I've started using M.T.G on my guys today and I followed the directions on the bottle. Even on the back it says for better results braid and put up. So I put their tails in a tail bag. Though two friends said wrapping with M.T.G can be dangerous as it has burnt hair and made it fall out...
  8. Taylor Richelle

    Build up muscle?

    Hey guys! I think I asked this before but can't remember what you said.. I've been wanting to find a way to build up some muscle on two of my geldings, in the chest and shoulder area. What do you guys do? Just wanted to make them look better for our next show! Good news though, Sox and I got...
  9. Taylor Richelle

    Do any of you guys own fish?

    Hey guys do any of you own Betta fish? Or any fish by chance? I'm interested in seeing what you guys have... here are my two guys... Skylar, my newest guy, he is crowntail betta. This is Peeta, I've had him a little over a month now. He's a halfmoon betta.
  10. Taylor Richelle

    Happy Birthday Soxy!

    Would like to wish a Happy Birthday to my boy, Tiz Sir Sock Hop Dancer he is 5 years old today! A few shots from the other day
  11. Taylor Richelle

    Kacy the Doberman! 8 months already!

    Hey guys, some of you might remember my Doberman Kacy that I was surprised with back in October. Here she was the day we got her at 8 weeks.. Well here she is at 8 months, I am VERY smitten with this girl, she is so smart and such a wonderful addition to the family.
  12. Taylor Richelle

    Looking for certain type of lead line for show halters..

    Okay this may sound like a silly question but I know they are sold somewhere as I saw them last year but never got around to buying one... Okay on the show halters most of us use, the cable ones (most) come with those awful plastic and or leather leads you know the ones that don't bend! We have...
  13. Taylor Richelle

    Guppy having fun :)

    My welsh having fun in the snow Not the best pics but thought I'd share. Mountain Views Catch of the Bay Then thought I'd add this... Okay not the best or prettiest picture as it was taken back in December when he had his fuzzies coming in but I worked a lot over the summer show...
  14. Taylor Richelle

    This seriously bothers me...

    Hope this is okay to post Mods Just came across this video...I am speechless! I can't even imagine what would posses people to "train" a horse this way!
  15. Taylor Richelle

    Oh yes more "Kacy" pictures

    Okay I took some pictures AGAIN of Kacy last week at her 15 week mark, she now weighs a whopping 28 1/2 pounds! She weighed 11lbs when we got her at 7 1/2 weeks! My girl is growing up!   Anyway here are a few I snapped of her, (please excuse her right ear, it's been giving us some trouble...
  16. Taylor Richelle

    She's growing like a weed!

    I'm sure some of you remember my post about how excited I was to be getting a doberman again and I had pictures of when we brought her home at 7 1/2 weeks. Well she has turned out to be a wonderful addition! She's beautiful and smart. She's learned how to sit, stay, lay, come, shake and even...
  17. Taylor Richelle

    Winter fun!

    Well yesterday was the first time Soxy has ever been hooked up to a sled before. He was awesome! He's been hooked up to cart less then 8 times (2 since I've had him) Now this. I'm so proud! I can't wait to get a cart so I can drive him all over the place next year, but I guess this will have to...
  18. Taylor Richelle

    Anyone seen..

    Well 2011 is almost over and then 2012 will be here before we know it Anyway this year have you guys seen any movies that were really good, and maybe you recommend them to the rest of us? Me and my mom are quite the movie goers so we tend to go see and rent movies a lot. Here is a list of...
  19. Taylor Richelle

    Updated website

    Hey guys, spent some time yesterday and updated/r re-did the website for our little farm. It's for fun only as we don't breed or sell Let me know if I should fix anything and if everything loads okay. Website <--- thanks!
  20. Taylor Richelle

    My first poem for my Slam poetry class

    Hey guys! I am taking my first poetry class ever this year and it's not just regular poetry it's called slam poetry. If you don't know what it is, I would look it up on Youtube, it's pretty powerful stuff depending on the topic! Anyway here is my first one. I read it out to my class but I know...