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  1. PintoPippin

    New ASPC/AMHR pony :)

    Your new pony is a cutie! What's his name (you mentioned his Reg. name- but what's his barn name? Jet?) I have had big horses for years.. but recently got my first lil' pony, a 40" shetland. He already rides great; I teach kid's lessons/parties on him (and I ride him occasionally, barrel racing...
  2. PintoPippin

    Fun over; work begins!

    Thanks for the info! I will definitely have to try my hand at braiding.. I have plenty of hay strings hanging around..
  3. PintoPippin

    Fun over; work begins!

    I just purchased my first "lil horse- a 40" pinto shetland named Pippin (see avatar). He rides, and has been started ground driving, but I don't have ANY equipment and have no money for it at the moment. (anyone have a used rig they could donate to me? I can pay shipping..I run a lesson program...
  4. PintoPippin

    Anyone recognize this pony??? Registration possibility and opinions..

    Hello everyone! I am brand new to the world of small equines.. I have had big horses all my life, but recently purchased my first shetland; tipping my hat to my Scottish heritage. He is an absolute joy to own, and a great asset to my small lesson program. I am looking for information about his...