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  1. MeganH

    AQHA Show Record lookup?

    Is there a way I can look up the show history for my Quarter Horse? He is registered with AQHA- I just need to get him transferred into my name. His name is Sheiks Sportster. We are going to be taking him to our first show in two weeks and I am curious to see any records he may have. I know he...
  2. MeganH

    Camera Streaming for free

    Is there anyone here who knows of a free camera streaming site? I used Mare Stare for my mare when she foaled and loved it but I don't need people watching my cams right now. I just want to be able to check on them and have some family be able to see them as they enjoyed it a lot. It would only...
  3. MeganH

    paper work for foal- AMHA and AMHR

    I bought a mare that was already bred last year and this year she had a filly at my barn. I am wanting to register her filly but am confused on what I need to do so. I didn't own the mare or stallion at the time of breeding- I got the mare when she was about 6 months pregnant. I already...
  4. MeganH

    color changing pintaloosa foal

    I had my first foal born (ever!) this year and she is a beauty. At birth she looked like a bay pintaloosa.. but I recently clipped her and she looks like a black pintaloosa. Here she is before: And here she is after her clip: Her face is not clipped in that photo above so you can...
  5. MeganH

    Feeding and preparing yearling for showing

    I have been reading posts on all the different feeds and such everyone uses for their horses. I am wanting to get my yearling in shape to go to some local shows. As a weanling he always had a belly, but after the grass came back in this year and we had him gelded his belly is not quite as...
  6. MeganH

    Bloody Show- mare 324 days in foal

    My mare is 324 days in foal and has more room in her bag to fill. This will be her 5th foal. She has progressed very nicely in the past week. Belly dropped, mushy poos on and off, bag has filled a decent amount, biting/kicking belly, yawning, rolling, rubbing bum.. and over the last 7 days she...
  7. MeganH

    Potty Training toddler

    My daughter is almost 3 and she is potty training now. She has done awesome bare bottom and NEVER had an accident. She pees and poops in her potty every single time. She gets so excited! We started putting underwear on her and she pees in them instead of going to the potty. She does not like to...
  8. MeganH

    **CAM LINKS**

    This is a thread for you to post your camera link so members know who they can be watching. Please post a brief description of your mare, their due date, any important information and the link to your barn camera. If you have any informative videos or websites on foaling, feel free to post...
  9. MeganH

    Gelding young colts

    My colt will be a year in May and I had the vet come out to give him his check up and schedule his gelding surgery. She said he hadn't dropped yet.. but I told her I had felt both for sure and after she felt around she said she felt them but they were very small. She said to keep checking him...
  10. MeganH

    Deworming pregnant mares

    I have recently read several places not to deworm a pregnant mare in the last month and a half of pregnancy. I am curious as to how most of you deworm when they are this close? Does anyone know why not to deworm a mare in the last month or so? My mare is almost 300 days and is due for worming...
  11. MeganH

    weeds, twigs, dust in hay

    It is 'normal' to find twigs or weeds in hay? We bought coastal hay from 2 different sellers last year. We didn't have to really start feeding it until late December/early January because our grass lived through the mild winter- but now that we are feeding it I have found twigs and a weed in a...
  12. MeganH

    Horse Training

    I wanted to ask if any members of this forum have any general horse training books or videos or online videos/sites you would recommend for basic training and more advanced. This video a friend of mine came across is beautiful. I wanted to share it with you all...
  13. MeganH

    Barn Cats

    Does anyone have any advice on how to get new barn cats used to their new property? We were given two 4 1/2 month old female kittens who were outdoor cats and I want to make sure they get comfortable and do not try to run away. We have two outdoor buildings completely closed in they could stay...
  14. MeganH

    Live Cam of Santa and his Reindeer

    I wanted to share Santa's Official Live Reindeer cam for those of you with kids. Santa himself feeds every evening at 5pm est and some mornings at 10am est.
  15. MeganH

    Will hawk attack a mini?

    We have a new neighbor I am a little worried about. He is beautiful, I do admit... but he likes to hang around uninvited and watch my minis. This is him: He often perches on the fences. Last night I woke up and checked the horses about 2am and there he was- perched on the fence looking at my...
  16. MeganH

    Laney (*filly* 4/10-Tinkerbelle) *New pics pg 187*

    I know it is early but I wanted to go ahead and give Laney a thread so I can track her progress and have a place to ask questions as they arise. Laney is a 7 year old bay pintaloosa mare in foal and due April 12th, 2012. She has had 4 previous foals. This was her first breeding to MCMS...
  17. MeganH

    Help Identifying Maple Leaves

    We have one Maple tree in our yard. I wanted to post pictures of the leaves and a site that is helpful with identifying the different Maple Trees. Most know the Red Maple Trees are very dangerous to have around horses and are toxic to them if eaten. The tree we have has been said to be a Sugar...
  18. MeganH

    Bug Killer around Feed/Hay

    I just found a HUGE Black Widow spider in my hay/feed shed. This shed is connected to our stables. It had made a web connected to the hay bales and some wood. I got closer to look at what kind of spider it was and couldn't believe how big it was when I realized it was a Black Widow. Pure black...
  19. MeganH

    Hay options

    I am shopping for hay for my young colt for the winter months when he will not have grass. I'm looking for costal and found quite a few places selling it. I have been quoted $7.50 per bale, $6 per bale, $5 per bale and now $3.50. They all have told me it is horse quality costal hay that is not...
  20. MeganH

    Ricochet is home! pics & videos

    Last night was like Christmas Eve.. knowing we were getting up and going to get our colt, it was hard to sleep. He did really well on his short trip here (little bit of an upset tummy) and came right into his paddock and started grazing. Ricky has a bit of a belly on him so we won't be...