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  1. PaintNminis

    Hope Someone can help

    Hi Everyone I haven't been on here much lately, But I was wondering if I could get some advice I have a Two Year Old Filly and she has Chronic Diarrhea, It started when I sent her and her dam to an outside stallion they receieved Excellent Care. But I think Something must have made her Stomach...
  2. PaintNminis

    Our Only Foal for this Year

    Born On August 10, 2013 Sired by the Incredible Manipulators Buckingham (Big Thanks to Indian Peaks) and Out of our Beautiful Silver Grulla Mare Oak Parks Vegas Intrigue. Introducing Desert Realms Awakening (Pending - Something Along that Line) 2013 AMHA/AMHR (Pending) Silver Grullo (?)...
  3. PaintNminis

    My New Additions :)

    I would like to take the time and introduce my new Additions!!! In September my new Stallion Arrived (I know I am way behind in Posting him!!!) Zephyr Woods Cash Money - aka: "Drifter" 2009 AMHA/AMHR Bay Pinto Stallion 28" Son of LM Hawks Rare Treasure Out of LM Bravos Tootsie He was...
  4. PaintNminis

    Splash Test - Sapphire's Results!

    Well I finally Sent Off for Sapphire's Splash Test & Got the Results Back Today! Her Results! Splashed White SW-1 Result: N/SW1 - Horse has one copy of the SW-1 mutation. So She is a Minimal Splash! I always Suspected She was Splash but it is Really Nice to have it confirmed. Sapphire has 1...
  5. PaintNminis

    Pedigree Look Up

    I was wondering who the Sire & Dam are for 52061A Ollie's Ginger Thank You
  6. PaintNminis

    One of my "Secrets" Revealed

    I am Very Overjoyed to Finally Reveal one of my Secrets! She Arrived at 3pm Today After a VERY Long Wait . She was Supposed to be here Last Year, but between a Shipper who was being a Butt, & Her Being Bred. She FINALLY Arrived! and She was SOOO Worth the Wait! Without any further Ado...
  7. PaintNminis

    Better Late then Never

    We have Officially Finished our 2011 Foaling Season! I am a Little Late on Posting the Last Two Arrivals, okay make that Very Late! We have been non-Stop Go, Go, Go for the Past Several Months, and to make matters worse lol I have a Bad Case of Procrastination. After the Arrival of Lucy on...
  8. PaintNminis

    I need some help

    Well I have a Filly who is almost 2 Weeks old. and she still Doesn't have a Registered name. They Normally have Names before they hit the Ground. I've been thinking up names and my Sister has been Shooting them Down If anyone could help, I would Greatly Appreciate it. Prefix is...
  9. PaintNminis

    We Finally have a Baby!

    GIRL! foaled at 336 Days Gestation, at 11 am this Morning. Textbook Delivery, Dam is our Maiden Mare Paladins Daize of Maie - aka: "Jadis" and Sire is MMMTC Unexpected Ice Storm -aka: "Allure" This Filly is His First Foal as well and We are Thrilled with Her!   I don't Currently have a...
  10. PaintNminis

    Whats the Quickest

    I have a 4yo Maiden, who is at 332/333 Days Today and she has no Bag. I am sure on the Dates etc. Whats the Quickest your Mares Bagged up? Thanks!
  11. PaintNminis

    New Picture of Stark :-)

    Here he is at 1 Month Old and if you can't tell by the Pictures he is Loaded with Personality Desert Realms Shock Value 2010 AMHA/AMHR (Pending) Bay Colt 22" Thanks for letting me share
  12. PaintNminis

    Does anybody know?

    if Liz McMillan has a website? Thanks!
  13. PaintNminis

    Pictures of my new Colt

    Well I am a little late in Posting He was foaled June 8, 2010. He is Sired by MCMs Silver Cloud (Tazer) and Out of Lazy Bear Lady Sapphire (Sapphire) and I think they did Really Good, but I think I am little biased This Tazer's First Live Foal and Sapphire's Second. Without any...
  14. PaintNminis


    I might just be overly worried I admit that. Everyone left me home alone lol I wouldn't go because I wanted to be here in case she should decide to foal Since she is acting weird. My Mare "Sapphire" is at day 334 Today Well She has been Acted Normal all day today but at 7:10 pm I noticed...
  15. PaintNminis


    Do you think this is a Scam????? Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email 1 Hello I am David Moore, a respectable business man from Canada. I am indeed interested in your Horse posted for sale. I want to buy the horse as a...
  16. PaintNminis

    Ultrasound Picture

    Just thought this was neat - You can see it's little Head :-) Baby's First Picture MCMs Silver Cloud X Lazy Bear Lady Sapphire
  17. PaintNminis

    One of My Secret's Revealed

    I bought this New Boy back in April and he Arrived here 2 Weeks ago :-) I was just waiting to get some decent Pics before Posting him Introducing Little Hooves Double Feature 2009 AMHA/AMHR Zebra Dun Pinto Homozygous for Tobiano and Agouti He's my new Driving/Herd Sire Prospect Big...
  18. PaintNminis

    A little Home Photoshoot

    Nothing Special and my Pictures didn't do them an once of Justice lol but I wanted to show everyone anyways Sapphire (Lazy Bear Lady Sapphire) Miss Jadis (Paladins Daize of Maie) She was thought it was pretty cool to stretch and here is "Starlet" (Old Stage Bit of Vegas In the Buff)...
  19. PaintNminis

    What Should I do?

    Is it true that AMHA is changing the Permanent Status to 3 instead of 5 next year? if it is I kinda have a issue I have a 3yo Stallion that I sold about a week ago and I think he is expecting a couple of foals next year - I want his Foals to be AMHA Registered of course but what should I...
  20. PaintNminis

    Show Results!!!!

    I am a little Late Posting okay okay Very Late Posting but better late then Never at Allure's First AMHR Show of the Season he Placed (In Open Halter) Reserve Grand Champion Overall! Then at his 2nd AMHR Show (Also Open Halter) he Won His Halter Class took the Jr Grand and went Overall...