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  1. Little Hooves

    We're live on YouTube!

    Please login to YouTube and give our cam a "like" at and send your friends to watch, too We're trying to show The Pet Collective that miniature horses are the coolest pets around. They contracted with us to broadcast our mare Becca's birth of her foal on YouTube. We're trying to...
  2. Little Hooves

    Watching a Maiden Mare on foaling cam

    Classy is getting really close to foaling. All the signs are there except one, which maiden mares, like her, have been known to foal without (a full udder/bag) I could use help keeping an eye on her, or chatting with people to stay awake while keeping an eye on her. You can go to the cam at this...
  3. Little Hooves

    First foal of 2012 Little Hooves Moonlight Sonata

    I waited to announce his arrival until I had his genetic tests results back. But please welcome my new colt to the world - a stunning, handsome double dilute cremello pinto that tested homozygous for tobiano! He carries one copy of the agouti gene and is going to be a color producer. He is a son...
  4. Little Hooves

    Little Hooves cam - Becca may foal tonight! Super Moon Baby?
  5. Little Hooves

    Miniature Horse T-shirts

    I've been thinking about making some t-shirts for YEARS and finally I took this weekend to get around to completing a few. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on them, so what does everyone think? Which do you like most? Visit my facebook page!
  6. Little Hooves

    Open the AMHA Studbook to Hardship AMHR Horses

    Allow AMHR horses to be eligible for hardshipping into AMHA in 2014. This proposed rule change is up for voting at this year's AMHA annual meeting. Because I am unable to go, I was encouraged to create this in hopes that my voice could be heard and help others who will be voting make an informed...
  7. Little Hooves

    Excited to Announce!

    For those who know me, buckskin pinto is basically the only color that makes me spend compulsively. And when I decided to make the leap to purchase a horse from Texas, I didn't stop at one, I decided to go for two! The first is a stallion that I have been drooling over for FOUR years. I always...
  8. Little Hooves

    Who is going to the World Show?

    I have seen many posts about Nationals, and congrats on those with wins! I would have loved to go in person. As it was, I didn't really even have time to watch online. My friend from Utah won some top tens, and I thought that was pretty cool One day I'll go, I'm sure. Now I am curious of those...
  9. Little Hooves

    Grammar Pet Peeve

    Alright, I just had to say something today because I have seen this done for YEARS from reading horse sale ads. It really bugs me when I read: granddaughter/son of the "infamous" [insert big brand-name stallion here]... Had any of these people watched the movie ¡Three Amigos!, they might have...
  10. Little Hooves

    Good Article On the Horse Market

    Survival Tips for the New Horse Market When you're at the bottom of the barrel, it looks like you need to find a different barrel.
  11. Little Hooves

    Color Genetics on my colt

    My colt - we have named him, by the way: Little Hooves Show Off the Blues - received his genetics test results via email today, and I was just taken by surprise! Tobiano: TT - Red Factor: EE - Agouti: AA Last year, my bay pinto had the same results (she obviously just lacks the cream gene to...
  12. Little Hooves

    Video of my new colt! His first day outside.

    Click here to see the video Sorry it's not on youtube yet Let me know what you think! Thanks~
  13. Little Hooves

    Please Welcome Our Newest Addition

    Introducing Little Hooves first foal of the year, born today, April 25th at 12:47 a.m. A (likely) homozygous buckskin pinto colt with TWO blue eyes. We have yet to determine his name. Birth height: just barely under 22 inches. Thanks for looking!
  14. Little Hooves

    My Mare is on Camera

    She's due... well, yesterday, really. I think she could go anytime now, as her behavior is saying she's ready. She's at day 333 gestation, and started waxing yesterday. Would like a little company as I watch this morning. THE BECCA SHOW I have a camera with sound, plus a chat board for idle...
  15. Little Hooves

    Please "Like" my farm on Facebook :)

    I've been hoping to increase the number of followers on my little farm page I made. I remember thinking about posting here to let everyone know, but I don't remember ever doing it. I guess I always wondered if it was appropriate? I just figured it's similar to a web page, only now you can "like"...
  16. Little Hooves

    Need Christmas Outfits for Two Minis

    Help, help, help! What have I gotten myself into? I thought it would be fun to do a fundraiser with my miniature horses, but now I need Christmas outfits for them! Since there is this big Christmas decorating contest going on right now, I don't want to detract from that, but I need something...
  17. Little Hooves

    My Stallion Running in the Snow!

    You can view the video on YouTube. Click here!!!
  18. Little Hooves

    Video of my filly

    Click here to go to Little Hooves on Facebook and see Annie's Video!
  19. Little Hooves

    What is your favorite color of horse?

    Alright, here is a fun little survey and I'm interested to see what everyone says I know my personal favorite: Buckskin with Tobiano. What's yours?
  20. Little Hooves

    Pedigree Lookup?

    Stallion: Ravenwoods Black Velvet Design or Ravenwood Black Velvet Design Mare: Kays MLFS Strikes My Fancy I would really appreciate anyone's help in finding the pedigree on these two horses. I'm thinking about buying a colt by these parents...