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  1. donkeymom

    donkey with severe muzzle laceration (graphic photo)

    just wanted to share the battle i have been facing for months with bo, my 3 year old mini donkey. he cut his lip this past february, not sure on what - a chunk out of it actually, and i tried treating it with blue kote. the wound was not healing and getting wider - vet came and i she told me...
  2. donkeymom

    jack not interested in breeding jennys

    I have 4 miniature donkeys 3 females and 1 male. The girls are ages 4, 7&8 and the male is also 4. I got him when he was 3 months old and for the first 1- 1/2 years of his life he lived with horses and had no problems wanting to breed them. then i bought 2 females, he was exposed to them...
  3. donkeymom


    My girls show no signs of foaling. They were exposed to a jack at this time last year. An ultrasound proved unconclusive but 1 has not come into heat since, the other did for a little while (few months afterwards) and has since stopped. Sometimes I think they feel a little different in the...
  4. donkeymom


    I have 2 donkeys that were bred last august. The last day they were at the studs farm was the 13th of August. I don't know if they have ever foaled before and I have never dealt with this before. A lot of reading and this forum! Daisy has had the holstein hips for about a month and in the...
  5. donkeymom


    Could someone tell me a little bit more about ultrasounds. I have 2 jennies that are supposed to be bred for this aug. but after seeing the pictures of another donkey on here that is due at the same time i'm beginning to wonder. 1 of mine is big but not that big and now i don't think the other...
  6. donkeymom

    circumference of Preg. donkey

    How big around can a preg. miniature donkeys belly get? I have 2 due this August. one of them has shown signs of heat her entire pregnancy but were pretty sure she is bred. The other one I measured yesterday and she is just shy of 5 feet around. Unfortunately i didn't measure here at the time...
  7. donkeymom

    Could my jack be a crypto?

    My jack "eonus" was born Feb. 2005 i bought him when he was 3 months old and he still only has 1 testicle (from what I can see) The vet told me last year that his testicle was dropping and to give it a little more time. I wanted him to breed my girls but he just hasn't figured it out yet...
  8. donkeymom

    Horse seizures

    We had to put our beloved appaloosa mare "Glow" down this past week. She was 27 years old and we've had her since she was 15. The morning started out like any the barn door and let them all out for breakfast. 15 minutes later my jack donkey is braying non stop freaking right out...
  9. donkeymom

    I'm new

    hi i'm new to this forum. I live in upstate new york and have 2 preg. (Hopefully) 1 jack, 2 horses, 1 miniature horse and 1 goat. Has anyone done "Dowsing" on their equines to find out if in fact they are bred. A lady that I know that has had donkeys for years and bred my girls this summer...