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  1. horsenut50

    My HOF shetland stallion

    Hi. I just got a mare that goes back to him and started to do a pedigree search but am not having any luck in finding his pedigree. Can you help me out? Pictures too? Thank you.
  2. horsenut50

    ISO ASPC Stallion

    Hi Jeanne. Who’s dispersing? I’m interested.
  3. horsenut50

    Learned a lesson - maybe it can help someone

    When it comes to “the grass is greener on the other side”, if there’s a will, there’s a way!! 😁
  4. horsenut50

    Mini or Pony?

    Pony that’s Mini sized! 😉😋
  5. horsenut50

    Weaning a mini mule

    2 1/2 months is way too early to wean. 5/6 months is generally the best time to wean. If you can get cattle panels or field fence and T-Posts, I would recommend making a corral out of this. This little guy won’t have a chance of escaping this set up. Good luck!
  6. horsenut50

    Conformation and breeding

    He's very cute but what I see is a very low tail set, I don't care too much for his backend and he's straight in the shoulder. Other than that he's too hairy to see much more. I would think he'd make a nice gelding.
  7. horsenut50

    How do you measure a foal to get the approximate adult height?

    As the title asks plus at what age is optimal to do this measurement to get the closest to the true adult height? Thank you!
  8. horsenut50

    Wondering if someone can help me :)

    Jean B. I have always loved your horses. I used to look on your site all the time and remember seeing her site and thinking he was the most beautiful colt!! Loved her grandsire as well.
  9. horsenut50

    Wondering if someone can help me :)

    Thank you so much Castle Rock Miniatures! I very much appreciated you looking this up.
  10. horsenut50

    Wondering if someone can help me :)

    I am wondering if someone can help me with finding out some information on my mare. I belong to AMHR but not the studbook. I would love to know her progeny record with colors of her foals. I only know of two. If anyone can help me I would be grateful. She is also AMHA registered. Her name is Old...
  11. horsenut50


    For me, I don't like nylon halters at all. They rub and if you must turn a horse out in it, it will not break in an emergency. Rope halters are for in hand training only IMO. I only use good quality leather halters and keep them conditioned so they last a long time and look good. I think they...
  12. horsenut50

    mane trimming suggestions?

    I used thinning shears on this mare. Her mane was quite long and needed some maintenance. I thinned it in the middle and the bottom causing thinness and a little bit of layering so it didn't have a totally butched look to it.
  13. horsenut50

    Waiting for Jerald Cart

    I too have tried calling and leaving several messages and have not had a call back. Very poor customer service for a business. I'm sorely disappointed in them.
  14. horsenut50

    new arrival

    She's a beauty!!!!
  15. horsenut50

    Breeding size

    Thank you for your responses. I've been curious as to how small. I was guessing around 34 or 35.
  16. horsenut50

    Vaccines online?

    I use a 6 way and WNV and buy from Jeffer's. Much cheaper than the vet. If you don't know how to give vaccines though, have a vet show you how. You can accidently shoot it in a vein and kill your horse.
  17. horsenut50

    Breeding size

    Stallion is 37". What is the smallest size mare that you would breed to this stallion? He slight in build.
  18. horsenut50

    Blue eyed chestnut foal born yesterday

    Congrats on your new baby!! Your mare appears to be a silver though. Love that color!