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  1. donkeymom

    donkey with severe muzzle laceration (graphic photo)

    the biopsy results are in. No cancer, no parasitic infection or infection otherwise. She said that it was chronic allergic tissue. she would like me to ship him to see another vet for a consult to perform more surgery on his face. At this point i do not want anymore of his face to be cut...
  2. donkeymom

    donkey with severe muzzle laceration (graphic photo)

    thank you so much for your input and i completely agree. She has contacted another vet from a larger city that treats wounds like this. He recommended doing the biopsy first before any course of action. Today she stopped to give me more antibiotics and said she will call 1st thing tuesday...
  3. donkeymom

    donkey with severe muzzle laceration (graphic photo)

    just wanted to share the battle i have been facing for months with bo, my 3 year old mini donkey. he cut his lip this past february, not sure on what - a chunk out of it actually, and i tried treating it with blue kote. the wound was not healing and getting wider - vet came and i she told me...
  4. donkeymom

    jack not interested in breeding jennys

    he has never bred anything, but he tried to breed my sisters horse but couldn't reach. with the jenny's he mouths back at them and gently bites their faces and sniffs their butts, he sometimes mounts them but he's not (turned on), eventually he gets bored and walks away. They girls are...
  5. donkeymom

    jack not interested in breeding jennys

    he was separated from the girls up until this april and only brought in while they were in heat and nothing, he just wanted to play. I'm going to try "pin the tail on the donkey" with a horses tail. I have hair from my mothers horses tail that i teased him with this week and he's really...
  6. donkeymom

    jack not interested in breeding jennys

    I have 4 miniature donkeys 3 females and 1 male. The girls are ages 4, 7&8 and the male is also 4. I got him when he was 3 months old and for the first 1- 1/2 years of his life he lived with horses and had no problems wanting to breed them. then i bought 2 females, he was exposed to them...
  7. donkeymom


    My girls show no signs of foaling. They were exposed to a jack at this time last year. An ultrasound proved unconclusive but 1 has not come into heat since, the other did for a little while (few months afterwards) and has since stopped. Sometimes I think they feel a little different in the...
  8. donkeymom

    It's August! Maybe baby month!

    She looks good! I'm still waiting for mine to foal too. I keep going back and forth...their bred and their not. No bags on either of mine so I'm beginning to wonder. I know the date they were bred and it should be any day now. The waiting and not knowing is driving me crazy! We had an...
  9. donkeymom


    I have 2 donkeys that were bred last august. The last day they were at the studs farm was the 13th of August. I don't know if they have ever foaled before and I have never dealt with this before. A lot of reading and this forum! Daisy has had the holstein hips for about a month and in the...
  10. donkeymom

    I am devastated

    I am so very sorry for your loss. That is like my worst nightmare for my two girls. They are also 2 peas in a pod. They do mourn for their friends...we had 2 horses die this spring who were very old and it took a week for things to start getting back to normal. Your in my thoughts and your...
  11. donkeymom


    The vet came yest. and wouldn't you know she couldn't tell me either way whether they were bred. She said she couldn't see past the intestinal wall???? So I still don't know!
  12. donkeymom


    thanks, the vet actually called this morning and told me it is only $35 per donkey. She's going to come out next wed. I can hardly wait!!! Jenn
  13. donkeymom


    Could someone tell me a little bit more about ultrasounds. I have 2 jennies that are supposed to be bred for this aug. but after seeing the pictures of another donkey on here that is due at the same time i'm beginning to wonder. 1 of mine is big but not that big and now i don't think the other...
  14. donkeymom

    circumference of Preg. donkey

    She's pretty! My girls look like they have the mange they've been shedding so much! I'll try to get a pic. tonight or 2marrow to put on here They are 32" high and I think the jack was and inch or 2 bigger. So i guess U and I will be on foal watch in Aug. I can't wait! I went through this...
  15. donkeymom

    circumference of Preg. donkey

    How big around can a preg. miniature donkeys belly get? I have 2 due this August. one of them has shown signs of heat her entire pregnancy but were pretty sure she is bred. The other one I measured yesterday and she is just shy of 5 feet around. Unfortunately i didn't measure here at the time...
  16. donkeymom

    Could my jack be a crypto?

    My jack "eonus" was born Feb. 2005 i bought him when he was 3 months old and he still only has 1 testicle (from what I can see) The vet told me last year that his testicle was dropping and to give it a little more time. I wanted him to breed my girls but he just hasn't figured it out yet...
  17. donkeymom

    Where do your donkeys foal out?

    my two jennies are inseperable too. last summer when we thought they were bred we tried to get them used to having their own stalls in preparation for their births. We built 10x12 stalls right next to each other but only high enough so that they could still touch each other. It didn't work...
  18. donkeymom

    Horse seizures

    Thanks for your support. our barn is finally getting somewhat back to normal. As hard as it was for us I think its been even harder for her pasture mates especially my mothers horse. We buried glow inside the pasture but fenced around the area because the ground is soft and that is where my...
  19. donkeymom


    I was actually wondering the same thing about vaccinations. I have 2 - hopefully preg. jennets (me the first time mom) and was wondering about the rhino myself. A lady who lives near me that has a herd of mini-donks gives her preg mares 1 dosage of rhino before their birth but all the books i...
  20. donkeymom

    Horse seizures

    We had to put our beloved appaloosa mare "Glow" down this past week. She was 27 years old and we've had her since she was 15. The morning started out like any the barn door and let them all out for breakfast. 15 minutes later my jack donkey is braying non stop freaking right out...