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  1. roxy's_mom

    Look Up Please - A/R

    Hello! It's been quite a while since I've been on here but come back frequently to see what's happening! A friend of mine recently purchased a couple horses and would like to more info on them. I have a names and numbers for both horses. All info on both would be appreciated. Hidden Meadows...
  2. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up pretty please!

    Could someone do a look up for me in AMHA - only have the horse's name. All available info too please! Little Kings Boston Buckeroo - 5/24/1994 - stallion Thanks a bunch! Becky M
  3. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up pretty please!

    Hello. Could someone please do a AMHA look up for me. I only have the horse's registration name and both parents. Needing all available info. Horse in question: RRB Farm Noras Little Flossie Sire: Timber Ridges Velvet Detail Dam: Timber Ridges Zorros Major Babe Thanks a bunch! Becky M...
  4. roxy's_mom

    Fly control - your opinions & what do you use

    I'm just wanting some thoughts and opinions on fly control. I've been using a product called Bug check by Natural Horse Vet for the last two years. My horses still seems to get those itchy spots on their bellies, the flies still bite their legs, and I don't think the fly population really...
  5. roxy's_mom

    Health E-Z Hay Feeder

    I was at the PA Horse Expo this past weekend. I talked to a sales man about this hay feeder - Health E-Z Hay Feeder. It basically looks like large laundry basket with extra large holes on front and back. The sides of the holes are not sharp, very much rounded for animal protection. It's hung by...
  6. roxy's_mom

    AMHA Look up pretty please!

    I'm needing look up for a mare this time. I'm hoping she's AMHA based on the registration number given. Full pedigree and any foals would be appreciated. Hidden Hills Lady Cherokee - # A180500 Could someone maybe look and see if there's a chance this horse is also AMHR. Many thanks! Becky M.
  7. roxy's_mom

    A/R Look up please

    Hello. I'm hoping someone can help a friend of mine out. She's wanting any information - full pedigree, all foals, and also any show record info in both registries for her stallion. Boones Little Buckeroo Legacy - same name in both registries. AMHA # - A88176 AMHR # - 105868A Many thanks...
  8. roxy's_mom

    Is this a scammer email or not?

    Hey everyone! I've had my mini gelding for sale for several months now. I posted a new on 10/29/12. I received a email this morning from the website saying I had an interested party and a copy of the message. I replied back to the interested party and received a another message...
  9. roxy's_mom

    Conformation critique please! Videos added 1/15/13

    Ok everyone I'm ready for all the good/bad/ugly truth about this horse. He was born in 2010 and stands at 34" tall. I originally got this boy last fall as a possible stallion prospect for my small herd of girls but as time as went on I decided that he would make a better gelding- so he was...
  10. roxy's_mom

    Color Test Results!

    I thought I would share my color test results for one of my mares. I color tested this horse for LWO, Sabino, Red/Black factor, and Agouti. I've included a couple pictures of her so you can see what she looks like. Here's the results: LWO/Frame Overo - Neg Sabino 1 - Heterozygous but does...
  11. roxy's_mom

    Overcheck bit - help!

    Howdy all! I'm in the process of retraining my driving horse. I've been showing this horse in driving for three going on four years now. I pulled her out of the pasture the start of this summer to get her ready for my local open show season. I started working her the same way I always have every...
  12. roxy's_mom

    Wanted to share my wins today!

    Hey everyone! I'm hoping this is ok to post on the main board, if not, please feel free to move it to where it belongs. I just wanted to share my exciting win today at my first mini show of the season. I purchased this mare back in Feb of this year - I own her daughter (horse in my avatar pic)...
  13. roxy's_mom

    AMHA look up please!

    I would really appreciate it if someone would do a AMHA look up for me. It's the dam to the colt my friend and I just purchased. I only have her name, height, and current owner - I'm wanting her pedigree and any foals she may have had! Timber Ridges Razzle Dazzle Dandy - 32.50" - Danny & Nancy...
  14. roxy's_mom

    New boy to the herd!

    Hello everyone! Went to the Greencastle Mini Sale this past Saturday with a good friend of mine, saw some really nice horses for a change and if you were looking to add some excellent bloodlines to your herd, from good farms, for dirt cheap prices, this was the sale to go to!! My good friend and...
  15. roxy's_mom

    Strengthening belly muscles

    Hello everyone! I need some ideas/pointers/tips for strengthening the under - belly muscles on my mare. She's been over weight for a couple years now so her belly hangs down, looks more like mare ready to foal even though she's never had a foal! I guess I love her a little to much. This mare's...
  16. roxy's_mom

    Is this a scam?

    Hey all. I posted an ad on the sale board a couple nights ago and received an inquiry today about my mare. Email subject was titled with her barn name. The wording in the email sounded off to me. Here's what was in the email message: Can you send me more details about your horse are sale?  ...
  17. roxy's_mom

    New addition for me!

    Hey all! I would like to introduce a new addition to my growing mini herd! I bought her from her long time owner and friend of mine, Regina Stake from Country Acres Miniatures not far from me - I've had my eye on this mare for quite a long time, so I'm excited to finally call her my mine!! Her...
  18. roxy's_mom

    Horse Color Genes explained!

    Howdy all! I received my Feb 2012 issue of Equus in the mail the other day and was excited to see an article on equine coat colors. It was a really good article and is a great read for those of us who have a hard time understanding what basic genes cause what colors. I tried to find a link to...
  19. roxy's_mom

    AMHA/AMHR look up

    Hello! I would appreciate any info found for this horse for AMHA & AMHR. She's the dam to my favorite mare that I own so would like more info on background/bloodlines/foals. AMHA: Harmony Hills Cherakee Blue Bonnett - A98001 AMHR: Harmony Hills Cherakee Blu Mist - 95135A Thanks a bunch!
  20. roxy's_mom

    Miniatures make big news at local farm show!!

    Hey everyone! I hope no one gets upset with this. I believe this is new event at the Pennsylvania Farm Show - local to me as I only live 1.5 hrs away. I thought I would share this with all my fellow mini horse lovers. Who says miniatures can't pull like the big draft horses do?! Just because...